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    The real take-away from this survey is that 71% of the people who use jetbrains tools and answer surveys do web backend-y things.

    Also, the languages that jetbrains tooling supports are popular among jetbrains customers.

    I like that they share the results of their survey and do find it interesting, but would be hesitant to draw many conclusions about anyone other than their customers from this information.

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      To clarify, this is not a survey among JetBrains customers, and they tried hard to account for possible biases. See the https://www.jetbrains.com/lp/devecosystem-2021/methodology/ section for details.

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        I’m not saying it’s only JetBrains customers; I’m saying that I believe JetBrains customers were both overwhelmingly more likely to hear about the survey and answer it when they did.

        (Disclosure: I’m a happy JetBrains customer and also something of a tech news junkie. I participate in or read quite a few community forums and use reddit, twitter and my fediverse home page most days. I responded to the survey, but the only channel I heard about it from out of those was JetBrains customer communications.)

        While I think they’ve done a good job with the overall analysis, and don’t think it was a bad survey, I believe this sentence in the page you linked:

        Despite these measures, some bias is likely present, as JetBrains users might have been more willing on average to complete the survey.

        is doing a whole lot of work here. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the respondents align well with their product composition.

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          I’m not saying it’s only JetBrains customers;

          To be honest, the first sentence of you original comment reads to me exactly like this.

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            That’s fair. I suppose I was splitting hairs in a sense. I was saying I believe the sample to be strongly slanted towards JetBrains customers. I don’t believe (this is the distinction I was trying to draw in my reply to you, but I don’t think I phrased it well) it was restricted to JetBrains customers.

            I think that despite their nicely explained efforts to expand the response pool and correct for any bias, they still got overwhelmingly their own customers or close-fit prospective customers.

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          They tried hard, but the recruitment method still worries me. Ads in various places + JetBrains channels. In some respects it maybe would been cleaner if it was just the ads.

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        I love the heatmap of from-language * to-language migration.

        Hottest spots:

        • 17% Go to Rust
        • 14% Python to Go
        • 14% JavaScript to TypeScript
        • 13% JavaScript to Go
        • 13% Java to Kotlin