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    Good to see, surprised GitLab isn’t part of the foundation.

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      It’s unfortunate, but not entirely surprising (at least to me). If I’m not mistaken GitLab sponsored very few projects while I was still there; or at least the only one I can remember is Rouge. In general it always felt a bit like GitLab took more from FOSS than it gave back.

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      I was surprised that it was not a 501(c)(3), but a 501(c)(6), which I had never seen before.

      Then I searched further and found this:

      “501(c)(3) organizations must serve the public. 501(c)(6) organizations are formed to serve their members.”

      I guess that makes sense, but I thought it was interesting to point this out.

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        I’m confused that the Rails Foundation only has a license to the Rails trademark and does not get it assigned.

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          An exclusive license though. Meaning, they are going to decide who can use and who cannot (coff coff Ruby Central) the Rails trademark.