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Custom PCB, custom firmware written in Rust targeting the embedded ARM CPU.

Pictures at Hackaday

Powered by a MAX32625, Ultra-Low-Power Arm Cortex-M4 with FPU-Based Microcontroller (MCU) with 512KB Flash and 160KB SRAM


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    Kinda disappointing that step 1 is to buy a mouse on Amazon :D https://github.com/great-houk/mouse-project

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      Ergonomic mouse design is hard to do after all. But I wonder if custom mice could grow into a market that is as big as custom mechanical keyboards.

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        Yeah, I find it fascinating that the goal is to add the PCB and firmware, where 99% of my problems are finding a mouse that fits and where the buttons keep working after a few years.

        The shit software is a necessary evil, but on my list of prios it’s way at the bottom.

        Still a cool project.

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        I guess you can also look at it as a way to recycle a broken mouse if you have one lying around. :)