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    It’s weird, like the Go team actually wants to make the language and toolset useful for developers.

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      Indeed. The tooling often seems so nice that it feels almost like a bonus that the language isn’t awful.

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        I concur, pretty much the only downside to go is the relative lack of mature libraries. I look forward to the day when I can cover all my bases with go+python.

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        I hope more programming languages learn this from Go. Your language is only as good as its tools.

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          More discussion on a related topic was here

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        This is great. I just used it on one of my projects, and lo and behold I had a very subtle data race (and another not so subtle one –_–). Fixed em up in a jiffy.

        Go has some of the sweetest tooling. Love it.

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          Hearing about these great tools makes me want to give Go a try for my next project. I’ve heard that is is fairly RAM intensive though, can anyone comment on this?