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    One might be interested in the tech manual for the Samsung 840 Pro.

    I am probably an aggressive user of storage, having used an 840 1 TB for about 7 months I have written 7714 gigabytes as reported by brew install smartmontools, the drive doesn’t show any slowdowns or reallocated sectors.

    It would be neat if you could signal the drive firmware to reconfigure itself at a lower capacity later in its life so it would still have an adequate block overhead for repair. Say in a year when I want to upgrade to a 2TB SSD I could reconfigure the 1TB drives down to 512G versions and get some extended life out of them.

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      The samsung windows utilities (which are pretty crappy if I may say so) can apparently reformat with custom spare areas.

      Afaik it’s possible to do the same to any drive by doing a smart erase (blank, trim, etc) and then only using half the disk. The disk is smart enough to know that if you’ve never written to half the disk since last erase, it will have no blocks allocated and can use all the storage for the blocks you do write.

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        I am going to try this on Linux with my first wave of SSDs, do you have some recommendations on tools and techniques?

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          Sorry, I don’t. That’s just what I’ve heard. For some time I’ve relied on software disk encryption, so I don’t worry much about the secure erase command.

          On openbsd (which doesn’t support trim yet) I generally only partition half the disk to start.

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      Very interesting to see both the performance characteristics over the lifespans of the drives, as well as their means of death.