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    I wrote this because I’m mid-way through building a native Smalltalk X11 protocol implementation for Squeak. (Where’s the tilting-at-windmills tag?)

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      Hah! There was a Squeak goodie for X11 forever and a half ago, albeit predating all the cool stuff; I remember using it when I (briefly) tried to make Squeak be my whole OS back in the late 90s, effectively treating the Linux underneath as a convenient but ultimately ignorable VM. (There was also a VNC client that was quite handy.) Good luck with a fresh implementation!

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        Thanks! Do you happen to have a link around to the goodie? I am having trouble finding it on the internet; perhaps it has fallen off (!)

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          I don’t; I’m sorry. There’s a remote chance I have it on a backup from around then, but those are all on tape; I’m not gonna be able to find it quickly. The fact I could find the VNC client in three seconds and can’t find the X11 one is making me wonder if I’m misremembering, too, though I don’t think I am.

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            Ah well. I do recall Joe Armstrong’s X protocol implementation in Erlang from back in the day:

            And yay, the wayback machine has Joe’s original page:

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        I haven’t seen anyone do this before and that’s made me a bit sad because this was one of the original promises of XCB: the C binding was almost incidental, bindings for any other language were intended to be generated in the same way. I’d love to see a Squeak native version.

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          Yes, I was a bit surprised that I couldn’t find any other bindings based on XCB! At first I thought I just wasn’t searching properly, but I’m starting to think there really aren’t any. I think the gap that xcb-shim fills explains some of the reasons why.

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              Awesome, thank you very much!