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    The reason I am uncertain about this move by windows is it might cripple cygwin user base and team in favor of a closed source alternative that may be dropped at any time.

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      Not to be too contrary, but I feel like the Cygwin userbase is already crippled.

      (by Cygwin.)

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        Ha. My experience as well. Like a super shoddy Linux distro. I’d install. Things would work. Six months later I’d want to add a new utility. Something fancy, like awk. This required a full update to the latest version. Nothing would work. Reinstall, rinse, wash, repeat.

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          This is absolutely the Cygwin experience. I had the unmitigated joy of using Ruby on it — and importantly, rubygems, which sometimes invoked gcc. Oh my god. Ohhhhhhh my god. Summarised in many tweets from 5 (!) years ago (and an honourable mention). I’d managed to forget by now that rebase meant something to me outside git.