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    Interesting alternative to Processing, but it seems to be missing bezier curves. I do like that it’s stateless though but it’s a bit verbose. Can you for example define a line and then just update the color and draw each instance? That doesn’t seem possible, but it seems to rely on Rust’s lifetime to actually draw, which is a bit unusual.

    EDIT: if the author is reading, the reference for a good framework that has it all is libcinder, it’s my favorite thing. You should also think about plugins, or at least promoting them instead of including everything yourself, ofx got good coverage for this. Also, something that Rust makes easy but you’re not using is unit testing, nothing is tested as far as I can see…

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      contact@nannou.cc is listed on the Github profile.

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        Certainly does! Started playing with relm (https://github.com/antoyo/relm) for small experiments, but this seems more suited to Processing like stuff while providing a nice structured UI API. Thanks for sharing!

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          Hey Jurriaan! Thanks for the link, I’ll certainly have a look at Relm.