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    Can you not just take any other web browser, change its user agent to match a mobile browser, and then shrink the window? Firefox even has a “responsive design mode” built right in that’s two-clicks away.

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      Being able to browse the mobile web on desktop is a game changer.

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        Please elaborate because for all I know you could just be using sarcasm very effectively and I’m honestly wondering if I’m missing something interesting :)

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          You have to change the user agent on other browsers and even then you might not trigger the mobile version. Apple WebView + iPhone UA + iPhone sized viewport = mobile web on desktop.

          Try to browser mobile version of LinkedIn on any browser. On Monochrome works exactly like on iPhone.

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      And what is it for? I was always surprised by that kind of programs. A “distraction-free editor”. What is it good for? Asemic writing? It’s not like the UI of vim or emacs even in GUI mode can be described as “cluttered”.

      A minimalist browser that intentionally mangles the page? How is it better than IE6? You never know what it chose not to show. Maybe something that would really make reading that page eaiser. w3m/links is a compromise and they only not render what they can’t render.

      I’m not a fan of adding features for the sake of features, but mainstream browsers already went too far with removing features people actually want to use and removing APIs that allowed reimplementing them as extensions. We don’t need more of that.

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        Not a fan of these myself either, but I think it answers on its the “Buy Now” page to some of these questions.

        To save you the click,

        Monochrome lets you browse and check all your favorite social networks at the same time from the ease of your laptop. You can listen to SoundCloud or watch YouTube while working on something else without the battery taking a huge hit.

        Good to know:

        • Swith between 320px (cmd+1), 360px (cmd+2) and 375px (cmd+3) easily.

        • Homepage and search engine can be changed from DuckDuckGo.

        • Open an URL from address bar if it begins with http or contains the dot (.) sign.

        • Upload to Instagram or other mobile site from your Mac.

        Edit: But nevertheless I think it’s good that people invent and make applications in a different way, finding their own niches. I would encourage people to do stuff what works for them. :)

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          Modern Macs must be more crippled than I thought if they don’t allow checking more than one social network at a time…

          That’s probably not what’s meant, but I think it’s clear I’m outside the target audience.

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        I don’t understand.

        Even if you do want to see a mobile view, firefox and I believe chrome developer tools already allow you to do that.

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          When it comes to debugging mobile views, I’d like to be able to set the results of media queries by hand. For example, I made a pure CSS mobile/desktop switch on my website based on “pointer: [fine|coarse]”, but I could only test it on an actual phone because I coudn’t find a way to make desktop FF or Chrome pretend they have a coarse pointing device.

          If I’m missing something, point me in the right direction.

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            packaging these things by default is considered newsworthy in the apple ecosystem

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              As does Safari, of course.

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              Why link to a single-sentence blog post whose only useful information is a link to the browser’s site when you can link directly to the browser’s site?

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                Because otherwise he’d have to use the “show” tag due to promoting his own paid product, which would’ve bumped it down in the rankings 😏