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    I thought this was really neat. It’s a great example of how game development has really progressed up the stack these days to languages that would have previously been considered far too abstract and thus not performant enough.

    Here’s an example game written in the framework: https://arcadia-clojure.itch.io/swapland

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      Was just toying with the idea of making a game after playing Caves of Qud last night, so this was one of the first projects that came to mind when considering my tech.

      Anyone know how stable and reliable it is?

      Or would it just be better to use C# for the core and ClojureCLR’s clojure.dll for ‘scripting’ game logic?

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        The status posted on their homepage

        Arcadia is still in pre-alpha and highly experimental. We are working towards a coherent first release, but we’re not quite there yet. Clone the repository into a Unity project to use it and join the community discussion, but expect things to break and be undocumented for now.

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          Oh wow, I assumed it progressed much more in the last year+ since I heard about it. Hmm. Thanks.

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          As a first effort I’d think C# would be a better choice, yeah.

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            That looks to be the consensus, yeah.