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      I have never had any problems with these languages on OpenBSD. Admittedly, I am not an Objective-C or Objective-C++ coder, so there could be problems with these two languages I am unaware of. But I doubt it.

      There are many, many problems with these in GCC, though they are not specific to OpenBSD. I think there are some Objective-C problems on OpenBSD that come from some unusual behaviour in its run-time linker but I don’t remember off-hand what they are.

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        I get very sad when gcc continues not to have blocks.

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          I thought block support was up streamed, but maybe it’s only in the Apple branch. Unfortunately, it used an older version of the blocks ABI and is subtly incompatible with newer versions of block runtimes.

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      I’m surprised that there are so many patches required for go on OpenBSD. Why can’t these be upstreamed? Is it because these would break the go compat promise?

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        Most of them are for other-architecture-support and are pending various changes upstream.