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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    This morning, I’m submitting a 168 page manuscript that cleans up 25 years of published bioinformatics data. I hope it is well-received by the community. I and four other authors have been working on it since last July.

    Also, I’m house-sitting and cat-sitting for the next 12 days while my girlfriend is at a USDA policy meeting in DC.

    Tomorrow, I’ll be doing some PostgreSQL development on the next version of our life science CMS.

    Somewhere in between, if I have time, I’ll be adding CUDA support to my C++ bioinformatics application. I’ve been working on this in half hour intervals here and there over the past two weeks, and I’m hoping to have a usable MPI+CUDA+SMP version completed by the end of the year.

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      Starting an MSc in Mechatronics and Automation at Strathclyde University - should be an exciting two years.

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        That sounds like a cool program. Did you work in industry after your bachelor’s degree? How many years?

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          I graduate in 1990 so I’ve had a few careers :~)

          I’m hoping this will be the start of an exciting new career!

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        Took an entire week off to join my better half on a work trip to New York. My plan is to find a coworking space and make progress on my trip-planner sideproject https://trippy.netlify.com.

        I also have to find a better name for it, I recently registered https://www.swallow.app for it (like the bird) but it kinda doesn’t work.

        Other than that, finding places to go climb here and joining a friend doing some woodworking in his shop in Brooklyn.

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          If you are looking to stay with the migratory bird trope you could also do

          • Cuckoo
          • Anatidae (Family of migrating water flow)
          • Warbler

          I had originally planned to use Warbler for an error aggregation using locally sensitive hashing & warning system before settling on Sentry.

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            Those are some great suggestions, thank you! Sentry is an amazing name, are you referring to sentry.io?

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              Yes. To be clear though I didn’t create Sentry. I meant I I opted to use Sentry as it did a good job scratching the itch I was having at the time.

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            I recently registered https://www.swallow.app for it (like the bird) but it kinda doesn’t work.

            Yeah… the name is a little iffy.

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              Iffy indeed. We don’t know if it’s an African or a European swallow.

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              addendum: If any lobsters in the city want to hack together, shoot me a message, I’m always up to have coffee in between my focused sessions.

              Also, I’ve now found WAY more coworking options than I hoped for, the city really has a lot of things on offer!

            3. 10

              I decided to finally start my “someday todo” project for the last twenty years. Write an interpreter. I expect tonight to write my first line

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                That’s awesome! What language will you be interpreting?

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                  I’m starting with Lisp 1.5 (the story is that initially Lisp was designed for the blackboard, until S. R. Russel figured out that by implemeting eval you can have Lisp implemented). My end goal (10 years from now :) ) is APL.

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                Some TOML parsing lib in C. That’s about it!

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                  I think it’s great to add C libraries supporting new formats! Is this a new project?

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                    It is part of a new project that cannot have too many dependencies by design (related to packaging and bootstrapping). There are already good C libraries for parsing Toml around: https://github.com/toml-lang/toml/wiki

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                  I will give a short talk (10 min) at the PyCon Japan 2019, in Tokyo. The talk is scheduled tomorrow, but I am still polishing my slides…

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                    NESdev progress report:

                    Not exactly “doing” this week, ‘cause I am trying to spend time with my mom this week. However, whenever she’s asleep or occupied with something else, I sneak some time to work on Tilerswift. My latest feature is a custom Qt drop-down that lets me select a few standard palettes:


                    It works by some hacky things that I’m not sure will work on macOS and Windows:


                    I think I’ll try asking in SO about a better way to do this, see if anyone knows.

                    Also briefly featured in that video above is the ability to circularly rotate the ROM by one byte. Turns out that when NES ROMs don’t have a CHR ROM (basically, an extra chip that holds all the “character” or graphical data), they have a rewriteable CHR RAM chip instead and store the graphics data in the PRG chip (the main chip that has the program’s code). But when data is in the PRG chip, the graphical data doesn’t have to necessarily align to the 16-byte boundary of a tile size, making all of your tiles look wrong.

                    The Zelda 1 tiles are all offset by one byte in this way and didn’t look right until I implemented this.


                    Next up in my TODO is the ability to save/load workspace state, handle zip files and some file I/O error states, and maybe quit stalling and finally implement editing. Not sure how much of this I can sneak while my mom is in town, though.

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                      Wrapping up my involvement with various work projects before starting a 12 week batch at the Recurse Center next week. My plan is to learn more about embedded firmware development and low-level Linux systems programming. Really looking forward to it!

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                        Messing around with twtxt and webrings and such.

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                          twtxt has a very good complexity-to-usefulness ratio.

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                          There’s a library called Jennifer that is useful for generating Go code. This week, I’m working on a tool that will read a given Go file and spit out the relevant Jennifer code to recreate the input code. Like a messed-up quine.

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                            Hackday and an event for work.

                            It should be really fun.

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                              Work: Crushing as many tickets at work as I can.

                              Personal: Producing my first filmed comedy sketch tonight with some real funny people. My first time really doing video production and directing so I hope it works out well. (I mostly do audio work)

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                                Some interviews, some meetings, mostly just wrangling stakeholders to get their assent in making a pretty big change to a variety of complex broken abandoned systems. I’m also revisiting last year’s Advent of Code and trying to finish up the puzzles in Haskell. My primary lesson here is that I am bad at Haskell.

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                                  I’m off to explore Singapore before attending the Formula 1 Grand Prix in the weekend.

                                  Any lobste.rs recommendations for things that are must see, or good tech markets?

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                                    I’ve done a little work on the KZ80:

                                    • The LCD showed up and I soldered up the keyboard. I still need to attach headers to the LCD, but you can see a general size comparison.
                                    • The mainboard and powerboard should show up today.
                                    • The development backplane and serial module should be here this week.

                                    I also started thinking about a standalone serial terminal. I don’t like that I need a full computer (e.g. RPi) to interact with the RC2014, so I’m thinking about how to do this using the same LCD I’m using for the KZ80 and an ATmega1284. I have some 16550s lying around, so I could use one of those for a true serial interface, I think. The hardest part is the keyboard; there’s some options for 5x8 keyboards, which I don’t like. At the same time, I don’t really want to do a PS/2 or USB keyboard. I guess the next step is to figure out the keyset I want, and figure out how to fit it into the available pins.

                                    I am about to have about a month of free time, so in addition to these, I figured why not start learning Ada again. I opened up Programming in Ada 2012, which past me helpfully got both the Kindle and paper copies of. After that, I’m going to move on to the SPARK book.

                                    I’m still working to decode the Quick Release Sector Format that Compaq used for software updates; I’ve got pretty much everything working except my checksum computation. Once that’s done, I can hopefully get into the BIOS of my Compaq SLT/286 - and maybe restore the RTC, which requires some surgery.

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                                      I am writing a compiler for a programming language you’ve probably heard of, but don’t use, to another programming language which is increasingly popular amongst this crowd. Mostly, this is for fun, giggles, and an exercise in something I don’t get to do enough of. I’ll write a post if I get to something usable. I’d love to bootstrap it, but I imagine that won’t happen this week, though I am writing it simply with that in mind, so hopefully there is future success, in that regard.

                                      Additionally, I’ll be attending the local Climate Strike on Friday.

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                                        Not-work: The Nongshim cup is next month, so I’m creating a basic website for my win and continue tournament simulator. That means some futzing around with Babel and Webpack and everything else that goes into making a web app these days (I chose to use React, which may or may not be overkill for my use case, but I like React).

                                        I also can’t quite decide whether to rewrite the algorithm. It uses brute force, and is a textbook case for dynamic programming, but is probably fast enough already.

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                                          Wrapping up this project I’m on and studying for the AWS Big Data cert.

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                                            Upgrading from Rails 4 to Rails 5

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                                              Participating in zksnarks trusted setup ceremony - ‘perpetual powers of tau’.

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                                                I’m considering making a move to my company’s devops team. Most of my weeks and weekends are spent learning various things related to that (and Elixir for funsies).

                                                On that note, if any of you have any good book recommendations, I’d love them! I’m about to start Effective Devops.

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                                                  I’m planning to write (and post) the first progress report for my pet programming language since its debut. It will be my first earnest attempt at a “web log,” so we’ll see how well that goes.

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                                                    This week I’m continuing with my Imagine Daggers and updating my personal blog. My goal is to have my personal blog/website updated with an actual about page and blog page (plus an index blog list on the homepage).

                                                    After that, my goal for Imagine Daggers is to have the registration & login completely functional on the frontend (backend is already done). Then I have to work on getting the Posts going next.

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                                                      Aside from the normal chores, I don’t know, and that’s okay.

                                                      I have an essay which I’ve really been wanting to write, how to separate from the outside toolsets and frameworks that are useful from those which are not, but I’m not ready to write it yet. The best I have is a statistics-based answer. That may be all there is. I need to work on it some more. Meanwhile then, I’ll code, do the day job, and keep the lights on.

                                                      Sometimes the cookies just need to bake some more.

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                                                        I successfully replaced all modifiers with annotations in a toy language I’m contributing to last week.

                                                        The next step is adding modules that allow me to drop static members completely:


                                                        class Foo() {
                                                            @static fun bar = 1


                                                        module Foo() {
                                                            fun bar = 1
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                                                          I’m going to try to add more examples to https://swiftui.gallery/ – if you’ve dabbled in SwiftUI, please feel free to contribute!

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                                                            I am going to get my nixos configuration to the next level (my own extension to nixpkgs and sort out some of the more basic modules).

                                                            Also lots of yoga!

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                                                              I had planned to work on one of my side projects that I had shelved when my second daughter was born earlier this year but it looks like every spare second this month will be used working over time on a work project that needs shipping to an event in three weeks time.

                                                              1. 2

                                                                Doing a Snowplow migration from one cloud provider to another (migrating a 2 year old legacy service, with the expectation of almost-zero downtime).

                                                                Attending a Linux User conference here in Berlin: https://all-systems-go.io/ which is coincidentally like 10 minutes from my office and I got a free ticket for!

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                                                                    For work I’m modifying the part of our build pipeline that downloads and archives our build dependencies for offline installations. It’s boring, so I’m having dragging my feet, but I should get it done in a day or two.

                                                                    Outside of work, I’m going to take another look at my book database project from the end of last year. IIRC I got everything working but lost motivation when I had to start scanning the books. I’d like to finish it up, or at least get back to work on it.

                                                                    Off the computer, I’m learning Italian. I’m trying to practice 30+ minutes a day using Duo-Lingo and/or “Living Language Italian.” I’m a week into it, and more motivated than when I started, so I think it’s going well. I picked up a couple beginner books, and I think once I can read through a short story and mostly understand it I’ll really start making progress.

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                                                                      Anyone remember that post Linus made about getting help for his anger issues and focusing hard on being compassionate towards other maintainers? Looks like he’s really taken that to heart. Seems like his old tone is basically gone here - very refreshing.

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                                                                        Maybe you meant to post here?

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                                                                          thank you