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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      Just bought a drone on my friend’s recommendation (DJI Mini 2) in preparation for a trip to Hawaii in about a week.

      Going to spend my weekend with that friend, flying our drones and learning the ropes a bit more from him (I have some experience but he’s quite good at it).

      ….Provided it STOPS RAINING HERE

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      Pubs drinking what else?

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      • celebrating my daughters’ 10th and 8th birthdays
      • finishing preparing, and then actually delivering, a sermon—at a good friend’s church so he can have a week off of preaching
      • doing a bit of revision on the fanfare I wrote in 2020, in preparation for possibly hiring an orchestra to record it properly later this year (a thing I only recently learned you can do!)
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      Working more on Garnet, my programming language experiment. I’ve been laying off the papers and actually trying to write some non-trivial code in it, even if the compiler can’t do anything with it yet, which has been pretty interesting and informative.

      My take-aways so far, which are probably wrong/incomplete:

      • If you take normal structs, allow types as normal fields in them, and just force them to be evaluated at compile time, you get ML modules.
      • ML modules don’t need their own syntax different from normal structs/etc the way OCaml and SML implement them, it just makes proving things about them easier (you know, just little things like “can this be typechecked at all”).
      • ML modules and Rust traits/Haskell typeclasses are a lot more similar than they are different, the main difference whether or not you dispatch functions based on a type (ie, 42.foo() looks up the type of 42 and asks if there’s a function foo() it knows about; you can get most of the same properties with a ML module but you have to say Integer.foo(42)).
      • Type metaprogramming with ML modules still has most of the problems it does with typeclasses.
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      Starting a new job on Monday! Going to reinstall my MacBook Pro and “start clean”.

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      Likely going to write a tool for backing up Git(Hub) repos en-masse. I want to support wildcards such as apple-oss-distributions/* as well as just individual repos, e.g. jonpalmisc/dotfiles. If anyone knows of something like this that already exists, I’d be interested. I currently have a prototype which is just a bash script, but would like to make (or migrate to) something a bit more powerful.

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        A while back I made a tool tool that does something similar to this, but more focused on a specific user’s repos.

        The GitHub API is pretty simple to use, it shouldn’t be too hard to write the program you’re describing.

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      Writing up on my big domain move to xeiaso.net!

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      For ${DAYJOB}:

      My SQL database skills have rusted since I last did major SQL work back in 2007-2010. I used MS-SQL back then. I’ve started working with a MySQL database. I need to learn how to make things more performant.

      For ${REAL_LIFE}:

      I need to do some chores. I’m hoping to get some more biking in. I’ve gone 40.9 miles this week, so I’m hoping to finish off the week with an even 60.

      I signed up to be an election judge for the Maryland 2022 gubernatorial election. The state released a bunch of training material that I need to go through.

      I wish I had time for HardenedBSD, but I’ve got too much going on. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really able to accomplish the goals I wanted to for HardenedBSD for this month. Hopefully next month.

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      Home alone with the animals as the rest of the family is away, which is the opposite to how it has been usually so far this year. Running out of time before my Day Skipper practical to finish my theory course and take the exam, so the main aim for the weekend is lots of navigation revision and then applying to take my examination early next week.

      Also need to get rid of some stuff (tip run & sell some old Sonos kit back to CeX), mow the lawn. Annoyingly the big car isn’t here and neither of the cars left have towbars, so might delay the tip run until next week depending on just how much crap I decide to empty out of the Shed/Garage.

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      For the nth time this year I overbooked my weekend, but it’s a 3 day one so I will feel reprieve come monday

      edit: on the programming front, I found a way to make some function helpers I’ve wanted for some time. I call it a.. “function amplifier” (name pending). It’s a helper where you provide a way to “amplify” an argument to a function transforming some value until a change occurs, so you can affect the smallest change possible.

      The use case is colors. I’m going to implement the helpers in my color library and use them in my themes – demo: https://twitter.com/neeasade/status/1528593222963970049

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      I’m working on more Python content on my blog and Twitter (https://bas.codes, https://twitter.com/bascodes) and preparing my proposals for DjangoCon Europe

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      Installing Sorbet Leopard on my main laptop, a Powerbook G4 from 2004. The promise of better battery life and performance was enough to draw me away from the OpenBSD install currently on there.

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      Catch a flight to Bangkok for the weekend for a coffee with a friend and maybe walk around, this would be my first time to Bangkok and first oversea trip from Covid time.

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      Working on Diva a project I’ve been working on with @aquajet to help make personal notes more searchable and accessible.

      It helps to index my information and perform context-aware semantic searches

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      Yesterday I would’ve said I’d still be trying to get traction on the 2nd blog post mentioned in https://lobste.rs/s/ctlhhi/what_are_you_doing_this_week#c_6l62j9, but…

      Last night someone asked (out of the blue) about potentially contributing to resholve (https://github.com/abathur/resholve) while they’re between positions. Perhaps on the rudimentary executable-analysis work that I broke off into a separate project, binlore (https://github.com/abathur/binlore). Now I imagine I’ll end up trying to quickly fold in some bugfixes or documentation/cleanup work to sand down sharp corners, get the underpants off the ceiling fan, etc.

      (And, if I’m lucky, the blog post…)

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      Gonna stream some Morrowind and live programming after that if im not too tired :)