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Some submitted stories are on topic but just seem to be of low quality. In an ideal world you’d just leave it alone and it would fall off fairly quickly, however the user base is not quite that large yet. Is there a way we could downvote stories for low quality? I suspect “off topic” is currently getting abused for this purpose.


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    I like it. Anyone else?

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      I like the idea, but I feel like it’s hard to define what is low quality. There are certain things which I feel like are trivial, or a waste of time, but should those be considered “low quality”? Part of what I like about the current downvote system is that it feels like everything is well-defined. I can easily tell whether something is one of the current downvote reasons. low quality seems more subjective.

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        heh, if I had read this five minutes ago it would have saved me from asking why a story was marked off topic.


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          Second this.

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            Ok, this option has been added.

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              I fear that ‘low quality’ will become the default bucket for downvoting, that reasons will lose their force, and all we’ll be left with is the slight extra inconvenience of an extra click to make a downvote.

              One alternative is to state culture and make all votes public. That feels like it would be congruent with the feel of this place.

              Another alternative might be to weight downvotes less from people who overuse them.

              If these are too far out, a compromise solution might be to only publicize ‘low quality’ downvotes so people are accountable for them.

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                I’d say let’s wait to see if this is a problem. Currently, the type of downvote is listed on articles. It might be that the large number of downvotes are actually due to the submission of low-quality news stories.

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                There are so few submissions. Not sure if you’d see a difference between downvote and low quality vote. Which would be the stronger vote as far as pushing a story down the page?

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                  It would just be a different reason for downvoting, which helps to more effectively communicate to submitters what we’re looking for. The story might be on-topic, for example, but possess scant detail.