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    Andrew, thanks for asking. It is many things that play into it. Psychology is one. The other is the fact it is emulated in layers and not tuned to the hardware. I don’t suggest all COBOL shift to Pi—but some can do very well.

    There’s many reasons why banks buy modern mainframes - support, performance, and HA are reasons a Pi will fail miserably at.

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      I just sent an email to root@$MYBANK asking them if they intend to switch to RPis.

      (Even though I don’t like tweet submissions on Lobsters this might be an exception…)

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        I have to say that I really enjoy OP’s writing style, especially in his replies to questions. Twitter could do with more of that!

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          Very cool!

          I’ve been writing some COBOL recently and reading up on JCL which, according to one of its (famous) designers, is on of “the worst computer programming language ever devised by anybody, anywhere.”

          edit: skip Twitter and grab the manual of the emulator OP is using: http://wotho.ethz.ch/tk4-/MVS_TK4-_v1.00_Users_Manual.pdf