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      I’d like to work through Let over Lambda , a book that explains all sorts of macro shenanigans!

      I’ve been meaning to write up some notes on my journey with Lisp this year, having read On Lisp, Let Over Lambda, and The Little Schemer. I can breifly attest that, while Graham’s prose drew me in gently and the Little Schemer had concrete exercises, Let Over Lambda was my favorite read.

      At first he seemed to proselytize a bit heavily (more even than PG), but his evident passion for macro-ology soon gave weight to his perspective, culminating in a broad appreciation of any language featuring those uniquely elegant philosophies which redefine solutions and problems alike. The zoo of macros was fascinating, I found his defense of anaphora compelling, and am still chewing on later chapters even as I’ve moved on to other works.

      The only factor dampening my enjoyment is that I’ve never used Common Lisp, writing mostly in Scheme and Elisp, the latter now feeling all the more inadequate. Can’t reccomended enough to anyone who has grasped the basic of Lisp and would like to see what’s possible with macros; it had an immediate impact on the ways that I use and write them.

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      Thank you for the frex tip.

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      I really like the website design.