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    I’m a little surprised that it’s almost 2016 and I still haven’t seen a VCS where reverting a commit is integral to the workflow, works in a distributed environment, and doesn’t screw everyone up (but I haven’t used hg much, does that do it cleanly?). I’d like to see a commit log that shows a commit, shows that it was reverted, and doesn’t need to be committed in a completely manual fashion.

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      If you can compromise on the distributed part, that’s basically how it works in svn. :) If you do an svn merge -c -NNN ., commit NNN will be reverted, but both the commit and the revert will still show up in the log.

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        That’s more or less precisely what Mercurial Evolve is – collaborative undoing. It adds a meta-history that says which commit replaces which other.

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        I wrote a similar post in July 2014 - http://www.tablexi.com/2014/07/rewriting-git-history/developers/ - I liked this write-up though.

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          The “fixup” option does the same thing as the “squash” option the author uses, but it does the second step of removing the useless commit message for you.