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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    Exploring Sofia, Bulgaria!

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      I had this tab open on a computer I didn’t check in a while, but as a Bulgarian, I am curious how your time there is going, and I hope you are having a good time.

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        Ha, thankfully lobste.rs is great at reply notification.

        Bulgaria was very nice, had both a familiar feel to other European countries I’d been, whilst also feeling quite a unique place in itself. The people I interacted with were all super friendly and helpful, even when my shameful lack of any language except english was a barrier to communication. We spent four days in Sofia, then a friend and I flew to Varna and back for a quick day trip.

        Overall a very enjoyable place, and I suspect somewhere I’ll return. The last time I felt so at home somewhere was my first visit to Poland, and I’ve been back quite a lot since.

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      Reclaiming 900GB+ of disk space on a Pg server after dropping a JSONB column from a table with 2.5B rows. We’re using pg_repack to avoid extended downtime. After that, burying my work computer in the garden while I take a week off.

      Race a dinghy on Sunday morning, and celebrate my birthday in the afternoon.

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        I’m pretty sure that JSONB column is my fault, happy to see you’ve found a way to get rid of it!

        Never again

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          After that, burying my work computer in the garden while I take a week off.

          Understandable :)

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          There’s a bug I’ve been poking at every now and then for over a year. It is completely repeatable, in open source, it’s about mapping between two data structures where there is an edge condition that keeps on being the killer. The actual translation is very few lines of code. I’ve written .dot exporters where I can see it happen, yet explaining and fixing has turned out to be elusive. Whenever I get close, fatigue sets in and I don’t want to see the thing again for long enough that I forgot where I was. Fixing it might be conceptually interesting, but not interesting enough to pay the price of “stick to it until one or both of us breaks”. Since it is the time of year to file taxes, I’d rather procrastinate and go back to the bug.

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            Pub drinking!

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              I have faint memories of that. Have fun.

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              Resting …

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                Spending my paycheck on Record Store Day! https://recordstoreday.com/

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                  I will travel visiting my wife’s family in Denmark. I just got my new SDR covering shortwave band and I am looking forward to play with it.

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                    I’m jealous; my own half-planned trip to Iceland may or may not happen this year. Enjoy some rundstykke and cheese for me!

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                      You will be surprised, but I am one of the few Italians that hate cheese

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                        Tragic! I sympathize. Well then, enjoy the rundstykke and butter and jam, or whatever you prefer.

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                    Been wanting to make a short url server, hoping it can run under 4MB of RAM

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                      Replacing sxhkd with a small patch for dwm. I love the feeling of deleting a dependency.

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                        I’m going to work on my game project as usual. I also have made my own gemini site so I’m going to tinker with that and make a generator for indexing my post.

                        If I don’t feel like gamedev, I have other project, which is an Elder Scrolls Online addon downloader for Linux. Currently it’s written in Python and GTK but I want to port it to Qt and C++ as a learning experience, so that should be entertaining. I’ve already made the QML file for it, just need to make the buttons to do actually something.

                        Also I’m new here, just got an invite. So, hi all!

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                          Facing the virtio driver standard in single combat. Only one of us will walk away the survivor.

                          Oh, also like sleeping and stuff.

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                            Finally getting multiplayer working in my game engine project, I hope.

                            Ever since January I’ve been on a sabbatical from work, and I’ve used it to start a game project. Right now it’s a Terraria clone, but I plan to add a lot of features that I’ve never seen before in a procedural block-building game… once I finish the basics of making it a Terraria clone.

                            I’ve been writing the engine from scratch in C and SDL. I knew that I had to get multiplayer figured out very early, because rewriting a singleplayer game into multiplayer can be nearly impossible. And I knew I wanted a sophisticated sync system–ideally, rollback netcode–to avoid the mistakes I’d seen in Starbound, which has a multiplayer implementation so naive that one slow client will bog down the whole server.

                            I thought I’d have at least basic client-server multiplayer after 2-3 months, but it’s now been over 4 and I maybe, just maybe, will have a playable demo of a multiplayer server done this weekend. Network and multithreaded programming in C is hard!

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                              Just got the book “Normal Accidents” by Charles Perrow in the mail, which I am very, very much looking forward to reading! Also doing first read-throughs of the many GSoC/Outreachy applications I got.

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                                Hunting for malware on NPM. So far, there’s a lot of obvious stuff. But I’d anticipate a fair amount of subtle behavior, too. The trick is finding the right signal…

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                                  Just finished a blog post about systemd services & timers in NixOS; setting up a NixOS server tomorrow.

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                                    As it is break week 2/3 of the way through Hoon School Live I am studying Gall Guide and Full-Stack Walkthrough

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                                      Trying to understand why NtQueryDirectoryFile fails with 0xC000000D for no apparent reason on one specific machine that I don’t have an access to. That is, nothing unusual.

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                                        … aaaand it was a bug in the Google Drive client.

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                                        This week I started working on some patches to git to explore some ideas around replacing git’s filesystem interactions when working with loose blobs and pack files in the .git directory. This weekend I plan on continuing to work on these patches, while also thinking of a name for the project, as I fully expect the patches to never land upstream.