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    I quite like this! Now do BSD. ;)

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      Thanks! Can you tell me some good BSD resources? I’ll just add them to tuxurls. You can then rearrange the sites and put BSD resources on top.

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        Off the top of my head, there’s https://undeadly.org, the OpenBSD announce@ mailing list… and that’s all I can remember unfortunately. Perhaps someone else can chime in for {Free,Net}BSD resources.

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          There’s also the DragonflyBSD Digest (also posts about other BSDs) and Vermaden’s Valuable News

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            @icy, @zk, thanks for your feedback. I’ll be adding some of these to tuxurls!

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      Is there an RSS feed by default? It’d be good to subscribe, but I can’t find it automagically with my feed reader - it may be its missing rel=alternate?

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        Very nice interface.

        Is there a reason it is hardcoded to linux news? It seems it would be quite straight forward to extend the scope.

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          Thanks! I have several sites for topics that interest me – DevURLs for developer news, TechURLs for technology news, and MathURLs for mathematics news. I like to keep the sites separate because this way the topics are isolated and the search results are very precise. For example, if I need to find latest news about Python, I search on DevURLs (devurls.com?q=python), if I need to find latest discoveries about Fibonacci numbers, I search on MathURLs (mathurls.com?q=fibonacci), etc.

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          Thanks! It makes for a very nice morning read. Sorting items by popularity is also a good way to discover important issues which tend to float to the top of the aggregators

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            You’re welcome! I’m glad you like it. I’ll also be adding a flat mode where all the news are sorted by date rather than by site. This way you can scroll through all the news at once rather than site by site.