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    I am glad someone beat me to posting this. This is exactly how I have felt at almost every interview since I got my first hourly job two decades ago. I’m not sure if my laughter was genuine or just to suppress the tears. :P

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      I love being a douche canoe to lousy interviewers, so my laugh would be 100% genuine.

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      Nothing beats the time we arrived for what we though was a meeting with potential partners and what they thought was a job candidate screening. The attitude mismatch was hilarious.

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        I’d be curious to hear examples. That does sound hilarious.

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        Reviving this thread because somebody linked me to another very creative solution. :)


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          Here’s my own (rather inefficient) solution:

          seq 5 5 100 | xargs -I '{}' echo "{}s/[0-9]*/buzz/" > /tmp/div
          seq 3 3 100 | xargs -I '{}' echo "{}s/[0-9]*/fizz/" >> /tmp/div
          seq 1 100 | sed -f /tmp/div

          Not sure I could come up with that on a whiteboard though! I must admit it’s been brewing for a while and I had to consult xargs and sed man pages. Anyhow, it seems to work.