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    This looks wonderful. Planning to tinker with it over the weekend. Anyone here used it that can comment?

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      I tested in a couple weeks ago, it’s really nice. I think it’s best suited to learners that don’t need libraries, but that’s no small thing. The “playground” thing is like a persistent REPL that doesn’t go away on reload and continually shows you feedback - it’s nice even if you’re comfortable with Haskell and using it at work like I am.

      Throw in some Stack integration and people will start using it for their day to day work too.

      It’s probably the closest thing I’ve seen to a hybrid of IDE and REPL workflows that actually works well. Rather than relegating a small, sad REPL to the bottom of the window, the playground is something even better (IMO).

      I’ll be checking with testers of our book to see if they’ve gotten the app because I’d like to hear what they think about working through the book’s examples and exercises with this app. I believe it’d make things easier and faster.