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    This is a system and choice of jargon designed to hide that it is controlled by central servers. It’s also run by fascists. (You can see the design goals coming in line with their politics, yeah?)

    I don’t think we need this on lobsters.

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      I did not know this.

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        The central servers bit I haven’t really seen before…how do you figure?

        Also, there are plenty of technical reasons to pan this without getting into name calling. Let’s try to do better than outrage mobs when criticizing things on the site.

        1. [Comment removed by moderator pushcx: Not OK to hope people you don't like get murdered.]

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            Can you please expound, or link to a blog post that does to (something resembling) your satisfaction?

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            Re: Your digital life is spread across all kinds of accounts, apps and services. Once upon a time I acutely felt this problem, so I was a very enthusiastic FriendFeed user. Finally all my digital life was aggregated in one place. Then FriendFeed shut down.

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              The woes of silos

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              Search for Curtis Yarvin and Urbit to find the issue of kind of fascism. I was surprised to see it was kind of true.