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    I’ve been waiting to try this for a long time. Pycharm is by far my favourite IDE. I have been using vim + tmux for a long time since I am more efficient in that than using eclipse. Here’s hoping that my efficiency will go up :)

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      I spent a good bit of time last year (along with someone else) learning how to write IDE plugins in IntelliJ. It really is a pretty amazing environment and the tools that it provides are powerful and pretty easy to work with.

      The documentation though isn’t always there and every language seems to do things in a slightly different way, so sometimes things are a bit tricky to figure out. This has gotten better since they’ve been releasing more of their code under the Apache license, so you can follow along better with how they do things rather than trying to figure out what all of the other outside contributors tried to do.

      Hopefully their debug support will make it into the open source code at some point as well, especially if they start to support LLDB.

      But even after all of the work that I did … I still keep finding myself back in vim just out of muscle memory and habit.

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        I find it interesting that a good cross-platform C/C++ IDE is so hard to get right; eager to try this one as well, once I get the chance.

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          I’m a Vim guy but for the past few weeks I’ve been using RubyMine and the experience is really great. JetBrains are doing a really great job with their IDEs.

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            There is an option to install vim keybindings the first time it CLion boots up.