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    Cool, they shipped with my Go port for SPARC. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to update it to the latest Go version and merge it upstream so now the port is in limbo (more details of what happened for who is interested).

    By the way, Solaris is not illumos.

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      Yeah why the #illumos?

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        because for some reason, the solaris/sunos tag was added as illumos

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      I haven’t used Solaris since university, so the thing that excites me the most about this is the potential for dropping support for CMake 2.8.6 (Solaris 11.4 appears to include CMake 3.9).

      I think the next is then RHEL/CentOS7 at CMake 2.8.11 (which is a big step up from 2.8.6). Once they update we might actually have CMake 3.0 and “modern CMake”.

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        I think that we will see RHEL8 this fall with newer CMake.

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        Are there any technologies that is in Oracle Solaris 11 that is not there in OpenIndiana at this point?

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          There was time when OpenZFS did not had encryption support and Oracle Solaris ZFS had it, but now its implemented, not yet pushed into latest OpenIndiana release but its in the upstream Illumos source and it will also be available on FreeBSD, Linux, macOS and other Illumos distributions.

          Currently its quite opposite, OpenZFS version has more features then Oracle ZFS, while device removal is available at both the OpenZFS also has ability to add a driver to RAIDZ (for example from 5 drives to 6 drives) the new DRAID implementation is in the works - similar to what is available on IBM Storwize V7000 or HPE 3PAR enterprise storage arrays, also ZSTD compression will be available on OpenZFS and not on Oracle ZFS …

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            ZFS encryption is not yet available in the illumos source, as people are still working out issues with it.

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            Kernel Zones, immutable zones, DTrace/mdb DWARF support.