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    From https://zod.that.world/classic/6-migrate-solri/

    Its constitution will be written in Lojban rather than English.

    This seems like a rather curious choice. What’s the rationale behind it?

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      What’s your familiarity with Urbit and Lojban? I mean, I don’t want to sound mean, but Urbit is weird stuff. The rationale (I suspect) is likely the same rationale as lojban itself, some nebulous sense of being ‘more clear’ because the language used is ‘unambiguous’. I spent a reasonable amount of time conlanging in my youth (and, frankly, even now), but I never dug past the surface of the various ‘logical’ languages out there; the concept is not particularly valuable, IMO; and the adherents are a little… zealous is probably the kindest word I could use. Not saying they’re bad people or anything (I pass no judgement at all), but loglangers can get a little bit X-Files on you sometimes. Fits right in with urbit.

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        I’m well aware that Urbit is very unusual. The main reason I even asked here is that @sorpaas submitted as the author of this article.

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          I have been learning and using Lojban for several years. And finding/building a community where Lojban has a real usage is always my dream. No constitution has yet been written in Lojban, and given the situation, it’s probably a sane choice for Solri.

          I actually partly agree with what jfredett said. It’s weird stuff. But being logical does have its advantage when expressing certain things. And Lojban does a pretty good job on that.

          P.S. That being said, I’m not a weird person in the real world. :)

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            I definitely didn’t want to imply it’s necessarily weird in a bad way. I’m not sure I agree with all the things that Lojban aims for (inasmuch as I don’t think they’re as necessary or valuable as many of it’s proponents would argue), but usefulness also shouldn’t be a factor in conlangery.