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    oh god what is this website? One of the subforums featured on the front page is “ClownWorld”, which is just straight up neo-nazi propaganda. I love dunking on Brave, but surely there’s a source that isn’t helping spread white supremacy?

    I found this alternate link on HN: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/brave-privacy-bug-exposes-tor-onion-urls-to-your-dns-provider/

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      Thanks for finding an alternate link. I’ve swapped it in and banned that domain.

      @habibalamin If nobody linked to this dumpster fire of a site, we’d still have the CVE or browser’s own writeup/patch to link to.

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      I didn’t mean to post to horrid content. I just posted the link I did because that’s the source material. The Bleeping Computer link is just a news posting about the source material.

      Sorry about that! I wish Ramble wasn’t so icky.

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        There’s some gross shit going on with at least the comment section of that site. This post includes Brave’s confirmation of the issue and omits the antisemitic slurs in the discussion.

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          That still links to Ramble, I’d prefer https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/brave-privacy-bug-exposes-tor-onion-urls-to-your-dns-provider/ which links to a post on a security subreddit instead.

          Also, can we block links to Ramble? If people submitted links to Stormfront or 8chan, we wouldn’t want those posted, right?

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            Also, can we block links to Ramble?

            If what @hoistbypetard says about this being the primary source is true, it seems a bit silly to not allow it.

            If everyone decided to not link to or cover from taboo or noxious sources, you wouldn’t even have a secondary source to draw from.

            And not giving people credit for their work is just wrong, no matter who they are.

            I understand it can be distressing to run into these sources in a cavalier way, but there’s a more balanced solution to that, which is trigger warnings (maybe some red lobste.rs tags for different triggers).

            @pushcx: see suggestion in paragraph above.

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              You’re not wrong. I posted the first one I turned up that wasn’t ramble, had the official confirmation and seemed like a reasonable write-up.

              FWIW bleeping computer links to the ramble post as well, with only reddit as a layer of indirection.

              The fact that this was discovered and reported by the operator of ramble probably means any coverage of it that attributes it appropriately will also just be a couple of clicks away.

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                hahaha, you’re right, I didn’t even look at the URL in the Reddit post. My bad. At least it’s another layer of indirection? Bleh.