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    It helps to read the intro here! :^) I skimmed to the questions without reading the intro first, and was thoroughly confused.

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      I was thoroughly confused even after reading the intro. The whole article made little sense.

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        The best way to give a question rigor is to create it from a rigorous algorithm.

        Yes, I skipped this line, so while reading I was wondering if I actually really suck at Python… I thought I knew what I was doing, until I was stumped by these questions.

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        An old piece of mine that I recently rediscovered. This was back before I got deep into history and formal methods and was mostly writing silly Python satires. Apologies for the medium link; it’s also before I realized writing on my own blog was better. I should probably move it over :/


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          I was literally giggling while reading this. Well done!

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            It reads like an AI taught to write medium posts. I sense a new technologically generated mode of satire on the horizon.