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    As a former developer for xombrero, this article can’t be more spot on. We were unable to update to the newer WebKit2 API and the project has essentially become abandoned. Xombrero was even touted as a (slightly more) “secure” web browser as it included whitelisting javascript and cookies without having to download 3rd party plugins, among other features. However, all of those benefits fly out the window when the browser engine is riddled in 130+ well documented security flaws. Unfortunately, xombrero had a unique interface that resonated with the minimalism crowd and people even today still want to use it just for that. I am absolutely horrified at all of the new issues I constantly see reported on Github, not for the issues themselves, but because people are still using the software.

    On another note, I am extremely excited about where Servo is going. A browser engine written in a memory safe language will be incredible.