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    So programming as we know it hasn’t ended? Sigh… Back to work.

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      Maybe it hasn’t but the court ruled that APIs are copyrightable so this might be a Pyrrhic victory in the long run.

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        I’m pretty sure that was the default state before this trial even began though… and that isn’t any sort of binding precedent, as I understand it. The lower court ruled that API’s aren’t eligible for copyright, the higher court disagreed, and the SCOTUS declined to get involved. But the declination by the SCOTUS is very specifically not considered an endorsement of the other court’s decision, if I understand correctly. IOW, the SCOTUS could still rule against API copyrights in some other, yet to be originated, case.

        And even now, what happened in this case isn’t binding precedent for regular District Court circuits, if I’m reading this right. This narrowly pertains to the Federal Circuit where patent claims are heard (this case went to that circuit because the original case included some patent claims).

        Somebody who is a lawyer please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this is a bump in the road, as it stands right now, not a sheer cliff face or whatever.

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        Just imagine sitting there working when all of a sudden your manager busts through the door and yells “STOP CODING” at you. Like, really? That would actually happen? No, I don’t think people would stop coding. They’d just treat it like the legality of smoking marijuana. (At least, in California.)

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          Smoking marijuana in California, but your employer is in on it, and has lawyered up in case another corporation is looking at you smoking marijuana and wants to sue the hell out of you because that marijuana is similar to theirs. And also, your employer somehow benefits massively from your smoking marijuana.

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          Actually, if they won, the law would get changed. You cannot really ask most of the economy to suck it up and comply. Unlike consumers… sigh.

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          Great news!

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            Hopefully, Oracle won’t win on appeal.

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              Would an appeal land in front of the same “expert” judges who messed this up so badly?

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            Oracle will do appeal though.

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              Over the course of the two-week trial, jurors heard testimony from current and former CEOs at Sun Microsystems, Google, and Oracle, as well as in-the-trenches programmers and computer experts from both companies.

              No independent / third party experts?