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      Read through the HN comments. Havn’t tried it (yet?): at work. One thing that I don’t believe is adequately addressed in the intro is the maintenance & complexity problems. Things like LabView and the Xilinix GUI become nightmares to maintain; using graphics adds a non-linear complexity to the problem over raw text. Further, if this is a whip-it-up-itude tool (Something Perl and Excel excel at), then that encourages awful systems in and of itself. The combination of this is something I am, fundamentally, unsure will wind up a good system, even if successful in the marketplace.

      Lotus Notes, for the record, does not make me feel better, as a former user. You might want to expand on what about LN makes you cite it. :-)

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        There is a lot of doc, but is there some textual representation of an eve program ?

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          There is a version in the repo where we had a textual syntax, though the syntax and semantics at that point weren’t the greatest. It’s an open question to us how we want to expose that in the future, but the current version 0 is visual only. That being said, we’ve actually found it to be more pleasant than writing the equivalent text anyways. Checkout my note on visual programming for more rationale there.

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            What I love in text it’s there a lot of tools to manipulate it such as (but not only) text editors

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              It should be fun to write some refactoring tools (I hesitate to say metaprogramming..) for Eve programs in Eve!

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            The quick start instructions doesn’t seem really quick, in my system (ubuntu 12.04) it fails with the following:

            ~/Eve ~/Eve
            run.sh: line 11: npm: command not found
            run.sh: line 12: tsc: command not found
            ~/Eve ~/Eve
            run.sh: line 28: multirust: command not found
            run.sh: line 32: cargo: command not found

            Too many deps, I may try it on a weekend when a have a couple of free hours.

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              Eve relies on TypeScript, Rust Nightly, and multirust.

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                This has been fixed on master, it will properly error out. You still need to install tsc through npm and have multirust installed, but you at least get a nice message.

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                  I’ve taken a couple of hours from sleep and created a vagrant recipe:

                  git clone --depth=1  https://github.com/chilicuil/eve-vagrant && cd eve-vagrant
                  vagrant up #this may take a while
                  xdg-open http://localhost:8080/editor

                  The above uses a plain precise 32 box and install eve and its dependencies in the provisioning phase, I’ve also created a modified box (583MB) with eve dependencies hard-coded, which could serve better those who don’t have precise32.box anyway.

                  git clone --depth=1  https://github.com/chilicuil/eve-vagrant && cd eve-vagrant/partial
                  vagrant up #this may take a while but not as much as the above
                  xdg-open http://localhost:8080/editor