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Topical in light of the Snowden revelations. See also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Brother_(Doctorow_novel)


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    I’ve read Little Brother a while back. It’s a really fast-paced novel for teenagers. Especially tech-savvy teenagers. It is very well written IMHO and manages to address many concerns regarding a pro-active surveillance state. Truth to be told, I read it on the iPhone on a road-trip. I was kinda lost and literally divulged the e-book since I had many hours to spare. That’s the best book from Corry Doctorrow I’ve read so far. The other one Makers wasn’t as appealing.

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        People say it’s a novel for teenagers because it is intended as a young adult novel.

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        “makers” is one of his weakest books, imo. check out “for the win” or “pirate cinema” for books closer to “little brother”.

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        Oh? It’s nice to be talking about this book, sure. I mostly agree with Peter Watts, who gave a talk on why he does not believe in the “transparent society” idea (pdf of his write-up). Note that he’s directly replying to David Brin, not to Cory Doctorow; Brin and Doctorow mostly agree on the topic, but this shouldn’t be taken as a rebuttal or anything.

        My favorite part:

        Brin claims that laws to limit government surveillance will never work, because we primates come with built-in dominance hierarchies. Telling our leaders they can’t spy on us would be tantamount to poking a silverback gorilla with a stick; they just won’t stand for it.

        But, he says, they might let us look back — so we’ll watch the watchers. The camera will point both ways. The playing field will be level.

        The dude’s a physicist, so I suppose he can be forgiven for thinking that it’s a good idea to get into a staring contest with an aggressive territorial 200-kg mammal who regards eye contact as a threat display. Speaking as a biologist, I really can’t recommend it.

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          If you enjoy the book and think it would benefit kids to read it, you can donate a copy to libraries: http://craphound.com/littlebrother/donate/