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Best read literally:

For the last year, Google’s work force has increasingly been under attack from a herd of unicorns.


Google, the Internet search company, has undergone specific raids from unicorns


Rodrigo Ipince, 28, a software engineer who recently left Google and was pursued by unicorns


While the unicorns typically pick off small groups of engineers at a time


Also, the unicorns say they are far more fleet-footed and cutting-edge than large organizations.


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    Up vote for excerpts.

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      I feel like it’s impossible to discuss “unicorns” without extreme silliness ensuing. Even the word is obnoxious and immature.

      Using it without irony or dismissal is saying, “I’m oblivious to the fact that I’m a future stereotype of the worst things about the 2010s.”

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      I would love for this to be an urban fantasy animated film. Google is the villain, building up its wage-fixing cartel, when it is beset by teams of magical unicorns who smash in and rescue the hostage engineers.

      “Muah ha ha, you’ll need Steve Jobs' personal permission to leave my castle! *crash* No! Guards, guards! Curse you, unicorns!”

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        and Google is run by literal giants!

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        Maybe some of those valley companies having trouble hiring should start looking at hiring remote employees. It is always surprising how many jobs require onsite these days.

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          Do you know how hard it is for a unicorn to type with hooves? They need their serfs to be in the office so they can be managed in person.

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          Yelp’s chief operating officer, Geoff Donaker, acknowledged the unicorn poaching phenomenon…

          Poaching unicorns? Is nothing sacred?

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            This is tooting my own horn a bit, but I think that Chapter 1 of my novella handled the unicorn metaphor well: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W7EuPflKcbWUiwlvtgBUjgjz5_py0Ttzl4zxMqY-YNY/edit