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I’m noticing that Kotlin is picking up in popularity in recent months - would it be appropriate to suggest a Kotlin tag?

edit: Here are some relevant submissions, posted within the last 24 hours of this being submitted:

Where Kotlin is clearly one of the main subjects in each.


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    Tag suggestion: Tag suggestions

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      Everyone makes this joke. It’s called meta.

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        I’m only half joking. While my comment was intended as tongue-in-cheek, I would genuinely filter tag suggestions if there was such a tag. I am interested in other meta discussion.

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          I actually think the tag suggestions tag is a good idea, not joking at all.

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      I see this as a temporary hype. If it is still standing strong in a few weeks, why not? But not after a few days of hyped articles on the topic. This is not judging the language, but we have these meta-posts very often where people want to promote their favourite programming language with a special tag.

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        IMO, the fact that Google is now officially supporting it for android development is a pretty significant sign that it isn’t going away anytime soon.

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          I see this as a temporary hype.

          Counterpoint: if you search by stories + newest for Kotlin, there are 3 pages of “Kotlin” stories. Roughly 3/4 of the first page of results has “Kotlin” in the title. The oldest story of the first page that has “Kotlin” in its title is 3 months old. Understanding that Lobste.rs moves relatively slow, I think it’s fair to say that people are definitely posting about the language SOME of the time on here.

          Now, because it’s recently gotten the “officially supported on Android” greenlight is probably what’s giving it temporary hype. But, I’d argue that Lobste.rs is still going to get a steady stream of Kotlin-related stories, and I’d like to have a tag for that.

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          We already have the java tag, for the moment.

          Also, when requesting a new tag, it’s usually best to list relevant submissions in support of an assertion that it’d help.

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            We already have the java tag, for the moment.

            Right, but Java is not Kotlin. It’s a different language.

            Also, when requesting a new tag, it’s usually best to list relevant submissions in support of an assertion that it’d help.

            I’ve updated my original post with some relevant submissions.

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                I don’t think it’s fair to describe Kotlin as a superset of Java. It provides Java interoperability, but so does Clojure, which is also not a superset.

                Kotlin is a distinct language. You cannot just write java code and have it run as Kotlin code, they’re too different.

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                  We also don’t have a “Clojure” tag :(

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                    lisp + java = Clojure

                    likewise, dotnet + ml = F#

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                  Kotlin is a superset of Java

                  My understanding of “superset” is very strict. If Kotlin were a superset of Java, then every Java program would be valid Kotlin program. This is clearly not the case, because the syntax is quite different (String bla vs bla:String).

                  It is arguable if C++ is a superset of C. The semantics are slightly different, for example with char.

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                    Yeah, C++ is superset of C, Scala/Ceylon/Kotlin is superset of Java, Clojure is superset of Lisp, F# is superset of OCaml, Android is superset of Linux, etc

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                  There’s a scala tag, just saying. Though usually Scala posts are different enough from normal Java-ecosystem posts that they do merit their own tag, not sure if the same can be said for Kotlin.

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                    This is a great qualifier for passing the tag, I think. Either that or remove Scala and Java and just use JVM to encapsulate them all.

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                      I like the JVM tag idea since dotnet languages don’t get their own tags, it would be more consistent. Either that or add C# and F# tags.