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I am looking for new podcasts to listen, which one would you recommend?


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    I’ve personally found tech podcasts overall to be a bad use of my time. Between blog posts, technical books, screencasts, conference talks, and MOOC lectures, there are a number of formats better suited for technical knowledge acquisition. I listen to a lot of audio, but it takes the form of audiobooks or podcasts about other topics.

    I don’t mean to discourage anyone who finds them useful, but just to share my experience to keep others from wasting their time because they think they “should” listen to tech podcasts, even if they’re not getting much out of them.

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      MagicReadAlong by Hardy Jones and Brian Lonsdorf. It’s an enjoyable listen mainly because of the chatty nature of it. They frequently discuss interesting papers, talks and new libraries in the FP-frontend world

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        Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

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        • Why Are Computers: The best. Thoughtful, deep interviews. Lots of quality, very little quantity.
        • HaskellCast: Abandoned, but nice interviews with Haskell Community members.
        • The Bike Shed: Great chats wandering from day-to-day development work into the deeper underlying topics.
        • Ruby Facets: A five-minute weekly podcast on Ruby news. The schedule is off to a shaky start, but fingers crossed it keeps running.
        • LambdaCast: A friendly introduction to functional programming concepts.
        • Functional Geekery: Interviews with functional programmers on their careers and work. I wish it had more depth, but it’s still good listening.

        Not recommended:

        • This Developer’s Life: Striving vainly for profundity at a glacially slow pace. I skipped ahead to see if it got better, but dropped it after a few episodes.
        • Magic Read Along: The setup is two experienced devs giving hot takes on tech news, but it’s actually two bros giggling smugly about being unprepared. I have no idea why this was recorded. Dropped after a few.

        Cribbed from my 2016 Media Reviews list, which has links and more podcasts.

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          Which episodes of This Developer’s Life have you listened to? I could see where you don’t like the general format, as it does tend to run a bit slow, but I found the episodes on Typography and Dinosaurs fascinating.

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            The first five, the last two, and I honestly don’t know which two or three in the middle.

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            Also nice. They do not provide a simple download all link though…

            I leave that here, could be useful to somebody.

            curl -s https://www.functionalgeekery.com/feed/mp3/ | grep -oh "https://.*\.mp3" | xargs wget
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            I don’t listen to podcasts too often (there aren’t many with technical depth), but here are the ones I’ve found quite interesting:

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              Seconded Risky Business. Great podcast, lots of great depth. It’s my goto source for infosec news.

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              I listen to too many tech podcasts. Most of them are ones people know well, but I’ll post them anyways. Linking to all of these will take an afternoon so I won’t:

              Culture + Tech:
              • Accidental Tech Podcast

              • Amplified (probably dead) & The Dalrymple Report

              • Canvas

              • Clockwise

              • The Changelog

              • Coder Radio

              • Connected

              • Debug

              • Garbage

              • Rocket

              • SwiftCoders

              • The Talk Show With John Gruber (kinda a stretch, mostly just culture)

              • TechSNAP

              • Under the Radar

              • Upgrade

              • The Web Ahead

              More in-depth and techy:
              • BSD Now

              • bsdtalk

              • Mobile Couch

              • Shop Talk

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                For fun: Reply All https://gimletmedia.com/reply-all/

                For HW: I’m not the biggest fan but you can’t go wrong with The Amp Hour. http://theamphour.com/

                I don’t currently listen to any SW ones.

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                  You have a long and mixed (misc) list on awesome geek podcasts to choose from.

                  My favourite ones are:

                  • Talk Python to me
                  • Podcast.__init__
                  • Garbage (sadly stalled… ;)
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                    As a former co-host of Podcast.init - thank you! I really enjoyed helping out. If I can scrape together enough free time I may try putting on a podcast of my own in the future.

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                    Instead of sharing some podcasts (most were already mentioned and I’m always changing) here’s something that I use extensively and recommend: https://huffduffer.com/about Basically it’s allows me to feed any audio file to it (like a link on a page) and it gets added to this custom rss feed which I subscribe. With it I can selectively choose what to listen from other podcasts and even other sounds files that aren’t easily available in the format.

                    Related to the above is http://huffduff-video.snarfed.org which turns any video (youtube, bbc; and even the videos from the fosdem events (regular mp4)!) to audio and adds it to my huffduffer rss feed!

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                      Some of these have already been mentioned, but here ya go…

                      • Go Time - Sometimes a bit too much “inside-baseball”, but as a novice Gopher, there’s always some good repos or tools mentioned that I want to play with.
                      • The Changelog - I cherry-pick the episodes, but there are some good ones. I’m not hesitant to skip the episode if it’s doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere. (I also find the sponsor breaks bearable with a couple of taps on the 15sec skip button)
                      • Full Stack Radio (Adam Wathan) - I like the variety of topics and that Adam is really open about trying to learn things.
                      • Software Engineering Daily - I also cherry-pick here. I stopped listening for a while because I got a bit tired of Jeff (the host) too closely following a script instead of picking up on what the guest says, which makes him sound somewhat mechanical.
                      • Agile for Humans (Ryan Ripley) - I still learn stuff from his episodes, though I do cherry-pick based on the guest.
                      • Developer Tea (Jonathan Cutrell) - I had forgotten about this one. The episodes are supposed to fit inside a “tea break” (15 min), but some have been 45min. Other podcasts from http://spec.fm look interesting.
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                        FLOSS Weekly https://twit.tv/shows/floss-weekly Great well produced podcast that covers the Free Lossless Open Source Software FLOSS. Has been running for a long time and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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                          Couple that haven’t been mentioned:

                          The AWS Podcast - this isn’t about technical deep dives, but instead focuses on what’s news in Amazon Web Services. Given that we’re releasing new services all the time, I know I find it hard to keep up, and this is a super useful summary of what’s happening. In between new releases they do interviews with start-ups that are using AWS in interesting ways.

                          Python Bytes - A short weekly news podcast on what’s new in the Python community.

                          NodeUp - I’m not a node guy but I find the interviews and discussions on this show interesting.

                          There’s also The Changelog - sometimes the content is good but the format is just annoying - way too many interruptions.

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                            There’s also The Changelog - sometimes the content is good but the format is just annoying - way too many interruptions.

                            AFAIK it has one or two sponsor breaks per episode, which is bog-standard for my litany of podcasts. What other interruptions are you referring to?

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                              Two, which is one more than I like personally. The podcast I used to co-produce had zero interruptions, sponsors at front and back, and the sponsors were fine with that. I TOTALLY recognize the need for sponsorships - server costs don’t run on fairy dust, but IMO choosing the way you present them is important.

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                            I listen to quite a few that have already been mentioned (BSD Now, TechSNAP, The Changelog, Garbage, etc), but some others I enjoy:

                            • Software Engineering Radio
                            • Software Engineering Daily
                            • Go Time
                            • The Full Stack Journey (more chatty than hardcore tech)
                            • Ask Mr DNS (possibly of limited interest!)
                            • DevOps Cafe

                            These have been recommended but I’ve not listened to them yet:

                            • 99% Invisible
                            • Hidden Brain

                            Not sure about this one yet (listened to the first episode, which was quite interesting, but will have to see where it goes):

                            • The Important Thing

                            I’m also working my way through a selection of AWS:reinvent 2016 talks that have taken my fancy.

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                              It depends on what you’re looking for in a podcast.

                              If you’re looking for tech-related podcasts that are mostly entertainment, the Stack Exchange podcast is always a funny listen, and This Developer’s Life imitates the style of This American’s Life.

                              If you would like to look for a specific topic and don’t mind digging through a large backlog, Hanselminutes is one of the most regular and prolific podcasts in existence, and tries very hard to cut out fluff. Scott Hanselman is an excellent interviewer.