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    The important thing is to show the player the AI. There’s no point having sophisticated AI that the player doesn’t notice.

    This is so true. And there’s also an opposite effect: players may interpret random events and coincidences as AI being clever or mean.

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      This even applies to tabletop games! Players have a habit of seeing patterns and intricate plots despite the fact that the DM just picked a random NPC or character trait from a table.

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        The thesis of this is something like dwarf fortress, where the “psychology” is somewhat visible to you. It has a rich system and you can see it.

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        Another interesting game AI writeup, this one about a later game called FEAR:


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          The article defines it as “the most influential games of all time” and “defined a generation”, but I never heard about this game before.

          It is for all intents and purposes a rather simple Finite State Machine, whereby the AI exists in a given state of execution into a behaviour until an event in-game forces a transition to another one. This same principle was later employed in Half-Life

          Unfortunately, the article lacks any details about how it works. Any recommendations of articles that describe game AI in similar environments (i.e. first person shooters)? “Valve developer community” wiki has a collection of pages dedicated to AI; there’s gameaibook.org, and this article on gamedev.net.

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            Maybe you weren’t in the generation it defined I guess. Golden-eye was THE first person shooter for console for hotseat competitive play for a good long while. It sold 8,090,000 copies. Top 3 in game sales for the n64 and beating pretty much any other FPS for its time.

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              It’s not like there is some authoritative source on this that can be measured objectively, but I wouldn’t bat an eye. It was really that good.

              See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_games_considered_the_best (I haven’t heard of every game on that list. Most of them I have, but not all.)

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                FWIW, I’m not much of a gamer, but I have played it and know about it.

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                  On top of what @burntsushi said, I assume metrics like this for video games are subjective based upon relative age too. I remember Golden Eye coming and would agree it was really good. But like he said, I haven’t heard of a lot played of the games on that list, and in my case there seems to be a clear association between my age and the release date of the game.

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                    The state machine is pretty simple. Guard walks left to point B. Then turns around walks right back to point A. If the player shoots their gun nearby, the guard goes into run to the sound mode.