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    I would love to be able to run just a web browser on my old iPad 2 … it is a perfectly good device but unusably slow with recent IOS …

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      Until a month ago I used a Samsung Galaxy S2 from 2011. It was too slow. For example, when the phone was ringing it sometimes took 10 seconds to show the button to answer the call.

      The evolution of smartphones is slowing down though. I expect a current top smartphone to hold on better in terms of performance than the S2 did in 6 years.

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        I feel like the project is really crippled because it is not actively aiming for Android compatibility. I don’t think many people want to run GNU/Linux apps over Android Apps on their phones.

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          well, that was a comment which values other peoples work!

          maybe this could help with the need for android apps: https://github.com/sfdroid/anbox