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    I am a working software engineer with no degree, but I wouldn’t recommend this approach. It is order of magnitudes easier to get a job in the field with a Bachelor’s Degree and the paid interning opportunities college generally provides. Plus, some “old-fashioned” companies are just never going to hire you without a degree, no matter how many years of experience.

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      I wrote this for the many people I know who already have a college degree but cannot find sufficient employment. Either their degree was worthless, or it was in a field that has more people than jobs, or both. Many of them are willing to work hard, but just don’t even know where to start or what to do. I believe the programming field right now offers a place for those who are willing to work hard at learning and self-improvement.

      Sure, if you are a high school graduate and considering this course verses going to college, I would probably lean towards a cheap CS degree. Many great CS degrees cost 30k+ a year. If that was my only option, I would skip the degree.