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    I would like to see this but just as a tiny PC and hardware input device all in one. So you just hook up the USB (type C for display) to your laptop or a TV and you are away.

    It would be like one of those stick PCs, except with an input device built in!

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      I always thought it’d be cool to have something like the kinesis advantage pro (which I have) with a little folding LCD in the middle, a computer inside, and a thumbstick or two somewhere. Plus a bunch of ports for connecting it to stuff.

      Perhaps with a battery inside.. :-)

      Now just add a head-mounted display and you have a perfect travel computer.

      Oh wait, did I just reinvent the laptop.

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      I think all of human history was just a pretext for the creation of this mouse. You can shut down the simulation now.

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        Really cool! I’m doing research on low n-count. Might be a good fit.