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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      I have a copy of Software Design for Flexibility that I would like to study. I had an idea of trying out how much Zig can be used to convey the ideas of the book – which uses the much more dynamic language Scheme.

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        Just got my copy today too, so my plans are similar. Thought I’ll be doing the exercises in Scheme, I hope to apply some of the knowledge to Go.

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        Sounds like an interesting book. I just bought it. Thanks for linking that book!

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        I’m curious what sort of practical applications can be demonstrably developed using the propagator model (advertised in the book, in the finale).

        Some links of interest:

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      Gonna be working my way through The Little Schemer. It’s an excellent learning process so far, in my opinion.

      I’m also working on a tiny rogue-clone in Scheme, which will hopefully have some better code quality now that I’m actually, properly teaching myself the language.

      Non-CS related: I’m reading Conquest of Bread by Kropotkin. Pretty good so far.

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        Keep up posted!

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          Hey, amirouche! Didn’t we talk in #scheme yesterday? What a coincidence.

          Anyways, I finished chapter 4 today, and it feels like I’ve expanded my understanding on recursion, thus far. Having some experience with Scheme and Haskell previously, this isn’t completely new knowledge to me either. I think that makes it much easier to grasp the themes of the book. I’m really enjoying the book though, very fun exercises!

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            Didn’t we talk in #scheme yesterday?

            Yes :)

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        Remember that most of the patterns that Little and Seasoned teach have been encapsulated in folds. They are really good and fun exercise books but in partice I’d more often use a fold, a comprehension, an unfold or similar. Have fun with them for sure, I have fond memories of going through them the first time.♥

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          Oh, hey snan! It was actually your recommendation that made me want to check it out. Thanks!

          Yeah, this is probably the groundworks for how many other things work, and I respect the choice to focus on the building blocks of other idioms. That’s also one reason I enjoy Scheme over, say, Common Lisp. It’s because it focuses on patterns that can be applied to a variety of situations, instead of having specialized data structures/functions for doing one thing only.

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            That’s a great way to express why these books are so great.♥

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      Wrapping up my implementation of a simplified JSON schema (something I can’t believe doesn’t already exist). Then I can use this schema language in Osmosis, to make its JSON CRDT actually conflict-free by preventing locations from changing types.

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      Go for a long walk. Figure out my taxes. Work on the exercises from logical foundations. Something I’d like to do: write a symbolic executor.

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      • Biking: we are in red zone, but I can ride around without any limitation. I would like to break 100km wall Saturday

      • Helping my wife creating a tool for Instagram marketing: her company works in a niche and she would like to find the rights hashtags and rights users to target with advertisements. It’s something not so much funny or advanced, but it’s seems working fine.

      • Improve my Golang, I would like to create a bridge ONVIF to MQTT to manage home surveillance cameras and integrate with other sensors like presence or reel.

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      Reading the last half of ‘The Art and Science of Doing Engineering’ by Richard Hamming. Also working on ‘Seveneves’ right now - fantastic book if you’re into space and mechanical engineering.

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      I’m working on my personal website, and possibly applying for a job.

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      Trying to make scotch eggs. I’ve only had then described to me by a friend so I have no idea what they look or taste like; I’m hoping they’ll still turn out good.

      I’ll continue a bit with the X11 OCaml bindings, I got past the middle-end bump and now I’m stuck at the code generation. I’ll have to figure out a nice API to expose and whether to use Lwt or just output and consume Bytes.

      Then I’ll try to finish Hollow Knight, I’m only missing the Nightmare King, the last Colosseum trial (which is really kicking my ass) and the final boss.

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        Then I’ll try to finish Hollow Knight, I’m only missing the Nightmare King, the last Colosseum trial (which is really kicking my ass) and the final boss.

        Enjoy it! You only get to experience Hollow Knight for the first time once, unfortunately…

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      My wife is on vacation, so I’m gonna go hiking with my dog Vader at a nearby national park (Patapsco in Maryland). I’m also going to work on HardenedBSD and try to resolve a regression.

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      You may remember a few weekends ago I was working on a YAML/Markdown “clone” of lobste.rs. Today and the rest of this weekend I will be working on my login system for it. In order to stay on brand, this is written in Golang and uses YAML files as the backend for user accounts. You can see my proof-of-concept running here if you are so inclined. As always, feel free to break it but please let me know if you manage to!

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      At work we finished the deployment of the python 2.7, Django 1.8, moved it at AWS using Elastic Beanstalk. Next two weeks I will be on holidays. First week I plan to rework my website to not use notion.so (good features, evil karma), and feature a hopefully tiny search engine. Second week, I plan to work okvslite and possibly re-implement the storage engine with minimal number of required C functions inspired from SQLite LSM extension. Let there be chill!

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      • Writing a blog post on being at home for one year - in the last 12 months I’ve only left my flat once or twice a week, and then only to go shopping. It’s actually been great.

      • Chatting with some friends over Zoom; then playing a session of Wolves of God with a different group of friends; then running a session of Call of Cthulhu for a third group of friends. I think a large part of the reason I’ve found the last year so easy is having almost all of my friends online.

      • Reviewing a documentation PR someone has opened on one of my GitHub repos. It’s nice when someone contributes, even if it’s small.

      My weekends tend to be less technical than the evenings of my week days, even though I have work Monday to Friday. Spending 7+ hours playing games saps my desire to do much else, whereas working on someone else’s (my employer’s) problems makes me want to work on my own stuff.

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        What’s your blog URL? Looking forward to reading your post!

        This pandemic also taught me that I can stay home for days at stretch and still be happy.

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          Here you go: https://memo.barrucadu.co.uk/at-home-for-one-year.html

          Most of what I write is “weeknotes”, a weekly summary of what’s going on in my life and at work, with links to interesting things I’ve read.

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      • Enjoy the two days for quality time before jumping back to job hunt and interviews ;
      • Finish to customize a theme for a blog/personal site in zola to the point I like it ;
      • Taking some notes about ideas of writing ;
      • And a whole bag of nothing :).
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      I have to file my taxes. Since I started dabbling with crypto trading last year, I’ll have to figure out how to do everything around it. Things would be much easier if I didn’t do any crypto-crypto trades. Given the sheer amount of transactions I did, I’ll have to put together some kind of tool to process calculate gains/losses for me, otherwise I’d spend ages on it.

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        Hire an accountant?

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        May I suggest koinly.io ?

        Koinly calculates your cryptocurrency taxes. Available in 20+ countries. Free report preview

        I’m not in any way affiliated with the service. Maybe is not exactly what you need but it’s a start.

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      Been three weeks since I got the new desktop and I still haven’t set everything back up. I installed stuff and copied files as I needed them. LTS works great for me, but switching to a new version ends up with all sorts of tiny annoying differences. Anyway, hope to set up remaining things and if time permits, I will try to compile a Rust program so that I can check out a tool I’m interested in.

      Reading wise, I created a blog for book reviews this week. Not sure how long I can keep it up, but hope to review books I really like at least. Planning to read The Shadows of Dust next.

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      Wrapping up a minimal viable project for a presentation on Tuesday.

      I’m doing a web front end.

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      Hopefully will make some progress on my Roguelike project, finally writing some code in C. And cleaning out the garage if the weather holds.

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      Trying to make egg tarts! I have a running project with a friend where every couple weeks we pick a foreign cuisine and learn to make a dessert from it. So far it’s been foi thong → brigadeiros → rugelach → egg tarts. It’s my turns to pick a cuisine Sunday and I haven’t thought about what yet. Maybe gulab jamun?

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      Going for drinks with a bunch of people thanks to the application I’m making, seeing my mother and maybe a friend. Also maybe coding on the application (Socializus)

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      Adding team support to an existing SaaS. https://hanami.run an email forwarding service.

      The challenge is that my app is paid-only with free trial, no freemium so everyone has to have an active subscription in the original code, a bad assumption I must say. So when a user join a team, they have no subscription at all but inherit that from their team…So all the assumption I made about every user will have an active subscription to operate the site are wrong now and I have to fix this legacy :-).

      PS: If you are curious what the tech stack looks like, I’m on youtube talking about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1p2crPpFIc

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      Running D&D, playing guitar and practicing Blender. Trying hard to stay off IRC for a few more weeks.

      Huh, I think I’m gonna ask a friend if he wants to play Caylus over the phone tomorrow.

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        Checked my mailbox and I had received some fantasy books so outside of the D&D I’ll probably be mostly reading.

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      Disconnecting from the digital world mainly. Long walks, chores and some reading. Last week has been a bit too much.

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      Trying out Frappe Framework and buying a new bicycle. Gained a lot of weight over the year, so cycling. Also some light reading to finish a book

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      Starting an entire week off. Need to drop a new computer off at the sailing club (and check my boat is still there - haven’t inspected her for a year!)

      Likely pick up the Switch again. Got stuck at a place in Breath of the Wild where I don’t have enough meals to make it through a boss fight, but need to solve puzzles to get back to the boss fight if I drop out, and it angered me enough I haven’t played it for a fortnight.

      Want to overhaul the HomeLab (I say this often), got 3 aims for it and have a plan to get there sensibly. Might end up adding another Microserver to the lab, might not.

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      My copy of Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems arrived, and while it is an old book, I have always wanted to read this one, only now I managed to get hold of it. So I am aiming for the first chapter and I will call it a success.