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    Using the nightlies, holy poop it made me switch back to firefox.

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      Same here. I actually switched to the betas when 58 starting being the nightlies. Only issue for me was hangouts, but my company recently switched away from hangouts so its not a problem anymore.

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        My issues is that WebExtensions are not as powerful as older ones. Now it’s all “chromey” in it’s limitations.

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          This really is a good thing for privacy and security.

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            Also performance and compatibility.

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              I’m curious why it’s a performance win. I would think spinning up an isolated JS virtual machine for each extension would be significantly more expensive and slower than the old compiled extensions.

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                Old extensions weren’t compiled. The new ones don’t get their own JS VM. Performance win here is likely by cutting of old, crufty, synchronous APIs (mostly internal, but was hard to remove if used by lots of popular addons). This is easier once you declare them legacy.

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                  It was previously the case that a poorly written add-on could slow down all facets of Firefox in general. Now that the only way to hook into Firefox’s internals are via well-defined and optimized APIs, this should happen much less often.

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                    It also allows the firefox devs to iterate quickly without worry of breaking extensions as there is a defined interface for extensions that they need to worry about.

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              I have two questions about that:

              One, I want the same theme capability as I’ve always had. I want Firefox to look like it does for me now, not like the stock Firefox. Is that possible?

              Two, I want ad blocking and script blocking and all the other privacy-enhancing add-ons to work as well, not like they do in Chrome where the bad stuff is fundamentally still loaded, it’s just hidden at some point in the rendering cycle. Is that possible?

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                You can still manually edit userChrome.css. Complete Themes are not supported in >= 57.

                Blocked stuff is not “fundamentally still loaded”, not even in Chrome I think?!? E.g. Privacy Badger here returns {cancel: true} in an onBeforeRequest interception handler. IIRC the “just hidden” stuff is from very early days of Chrome extensions

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                  For addons, the answer is yes. See the Privacy add-on collection or other featured extensions

                  Your look and feel question is hard to answer, without knowing what Firefox looks like to you now. :) If you insist that tabs should be round, it’s not going to be easy, but possible.

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                    I insist that tabs go below the address bar, like they did in in the original Firefox and like they do now with the right add-on: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/classicthemerestorer/

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            I’ve been running 57 beta for a little while now, and I like it better than Chrome in every way. Highly recommend trying it out.

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              I recently gave FF57 a try. The new TreeStyle Tabs work nice (although you gotta edit the base CSS to remove tabs from the top), uBlock works, however I feel like the preferences might have gotten a little over simplified. I also can’t find a highdpi/zoom plugin for 57 that actually works (most will do crazy shit like zooming up when you hit both ctrl+ and ctrl-, many have their own zoom independent of FF zoom/wtf?).

              I’ve been using Vivaldi for a bit. It doesn’t have the setup I was use to with FF, but FF was slowing to a crawl for me and becoming unusable. I really want to give FF57 a good shot, but simply things like not having a “default zoom” option in FF without the need of a plugin still frustrates me. There were some other UI glitches that were bugging me.

              I feel like maybe if I deleted my profile and started again, some of these issues might be fixed, although I’d lose all my history. Maybe I’ll play with it some more and give it another shot once official 57 is out. I really would like to switch back to FF, and although I’d be happy to see the speed improvements, some of the plugins I really like still haven’t been ported over (VideoDownloadHelper comes to mind).

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                I feel like maybe if I deleted my profile and started again, some of these issues might be fixed, although I’d lose all my history. Maybe I’ll play with it some more and give it another shot once official 57 is out. I really would like to switch back to FF, and although I’d be happy to see the speed improvements, some of the plugins I really like still haven’t been ported over (VideoDownloadHelper comes to mind).

                Try refresh. It creates a new profile but migrates all your bookmark data and similar over.


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                Devtools remain really slow though. And buggy…

                It’s easy to accidentally DoS the browser just by running a little too much console.log() in a busy loop.

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                  I think they’d totally like to be informed about these kinds of cases. Knowing some of the devtools team, the definitely care about that a lot.

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                    From what I’ve heard the devtools team is working on addressing performance this cycle. I know console performance specifically is one focus point.

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                    For those wondering: [edited out some secrets I accidentally leaked here.]

                    Was actually: I will certainly wear my temporary Firefox tattoos, inflate the Firefox balloons and put some stickers up. (Source: http://web.archive.org/web/20171109195042/https://daniel.haxx.se/blog/2017/11/08/firefox-quantum/)

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                      Didn’t try any betas, yet still I was poised to upgrade ASAP. Then I learned the tab groups addon won’t work, and will not be made to work.

                      So I’ll have to un-poise myself for a while.

                      Anyone else struggling with this? Any suggestions that don’t involve Vivaldi, or Chrome with tree-style tabs?

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                        Reimplementing Tab Groups should be quote doable once APIs for controlling tab display are in place. I know I’ll be making such a project a personal priority once it becomes possible.

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                          The easiest way is to just use Firefox.

                          There is Firefox ESR which runs an LTS version of Firefox. Downside is that its running Firefox 52, which will breaks addons that use the Firefox container API.

                          The second way is to use a fork of Firefox. I’m currently using WaterFox. Thus far I haven’t run into any serious issues, but I don’t really trust the codebase as much as I would from Mozilla.

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                            There is hope in the Simplified Tab Groups extenstion. As author writes:

                            Notice to Firefox Quantum (57+) users: No, this extension is not dead but yes, it currently does not support Firefox 57. I know, I know. Please update anyway, as you’d miss out on a lot of cool stuff. The reason Simplified Tab Groups is not working with 57 is the lack of an API I need. However, heroic Firefox engineers are already working on that, and I will release a new version which will be compatible as soon as possible. Promised! If you have a GitHub account, feel free to subscribe to this issue to get notified whenever there is progress.

                            I use it now on one computer with pre-57 version. It shows promise. I like the UI better then the normal too-visual-for-me tab groups. It gets around the problem of manual placement management. There are couple of things that I miss, but hopefully it will get better. What I miss the most: changing the order of the groups and editing the name of a new group right-away.

                            I also think about giving the TreeStyle Tabs a shot.

                            I think that there are other extensions under development that intend to be more faithful to the original. However the original is not easy to implement I believe.

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                            People get accustomed to things, get emotional and don’t particularly like change very much. I’m sure Firefox 57 will also get a fair share of sour feedback and comments written in uppercase. That’s inevitable. But sometimes, in order to move forward and do good stuff, we have to make some tough decisions for the greater good that not everyone will agree with.

                            You guys have fun with your greater good. I’ll stick with 56 where my add-ons still work.

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                              There’s a hidden flag you can toggle to reenable legacy extension support in the non-stable channels, but continued compatibility going forward isn’t guaranteed.

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                                Do you know if this secret flag is also in the released 57?

                                Thanks for the tip either way ;)

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                                  It won’t. And lots of internal APIs have already been removed and replaced with asynchronous code, to make Firefox 57 as snappy as it is. Breakage is imminent, I’m afraid.

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                                Thought so too when recognizing that my add-ons stopped working when I switched to Firefox 57 beta. Then, I contained my emotional side and searched for alternative add-ones that run on 57.

                                Guess what, I replaced all my add-ons and I really like the new ones. Wish I have replaced them earlier.

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                                I tried to switch back using the nightly channel. Loved it for a few days when it would start up in under a minute with a couple of thousand tabs open (but not loaded). Then after a few days it started leaking memory and filling up the whole disk in a few minutes causing forced reboots.

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                                  Probably a bug in nightly. I’ve had some issues in that direction (and video decoding) but it’s been recently fixed and isn’t as bad anymore.

                                  I think it’s probably not a bad idea to switch to Beta or Release with 57.

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                                    couple of thousand tabs open

                                    how do you work with that?

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                                      I’ve done that too, you simply have a lot of swap (+100GiB) and put everything you don’t need on a distant virtual desktop.

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                                        But why?

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                                          If I can do it, what reason is there not to do it?

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                                            mental illness

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                                              That kind of remark is absolutely inappropriate here. I’m leaving it up for transparency, but don’t repeat it.

                                              Specifically this was a highly personal insult (which also happens to be ableist), with no provocation.

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                                                I’d hardly view it as highly personal, or particularly insulting, or ableist. Feel free to not think having multiple thousands of tabs open is crazy. It’s not like I actually think less of junkblocker or something for having a lot of tabs.

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                                          It is a usecase Firefox has paid much attention to in their performance work. It’s like a temporary to-read list that I hope to get to sometime soon :)