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      TL/DR: offline docsets.

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      +1 for Dash. Well worth the purchase. I’ve got it loaded up with references to C++, man pages, SQLite, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, JQuery, CMake, Go and Python.

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      I have ADHD and I’ve found Dash + Alfred to be a huge productivity booster as well.

      In the same vein, I use the “quick add” popup with Things 3 to create new tasks/todos, assign them to a project, add a due date, etc right from Ctrl-Space. It’s been great for capturing tasks (before they leave my fruit-fly memory) without context switching.

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        My only problem with launchers is that I spend too long trying to remember the name of the thing I want to find.

        Sometimes the predictive, contextual suggestions on my iPhone will be exactly what I needed at the particular time / day / location / whatever other context it uses. Some of this would be good in Alfred.

        Now I should check if there’s already a plug-in for that…

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      The biggest problem I have with Dash (and friends) is you need to be online first to download the doc sets. There’s no easy way to xfer the doc sets to an offline machine without carving them out of the online system. I want to download ALL of the doc sets and host them locally. (If there is a way, please let me know)

      The alternative which I quite enjoy is https://devdocs.io/. I can package the whole thing, docs and all, into a simple docker container image online and move that image over and bang, now the whole network has docs. Sure it’s not as convenient as Dash’s OS integration but it’s better than nothing and I don’t have to cherry pick what I move over.

      So much software today is blind to the fact that some (in fairness, very few) of us are stuck on systems that never go online.

      All I’m missing is Win32 offline docs.