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Recently, I’ve been building a lot of smaller apps in Ruby, and as a result, I’ve been wasting too much time setting up the same project structure for each of them, so I decided to write a tool for automating this process.

Since it generates only the essentials needed to start working, I thought it might be useful to others. You can install it by running gem install create-ruby-app, and the source code is available at https://github.com/majjoha/create-ruby-app.

A few examples:

$ create-ruby-app new my_app
$ create-ruby-app new web_app -g sinatra,sequel -r ruby-2.6.0
$ create-ruby-app new --ruby jruby- my_app

It specifically targets non-Rails applications. For Ruby on Rails apps, it might be worth looking into Rails Application Templates instead, and if you are building a gem, please take a look at the bundle gem command.