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    after the demise of XUL killed pentadactyl I really, really wanted to like qutebrowser - it gets a lot right that other keyboard focused browsers or extensions really don’t (I’m looking at you, vimium) - but as someone who frequently has hundreds of tabs open the memory and performance overhead of (I assume) python really just kills it for me.

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      Not really? I’ve been using qutebrowser for a long, long time and it’s never felt sluggish. Startup is not that great but that doesn’t matter since the browser is the OS these days. Most stuff is happening in the C/C++ space (QtWebEngine, Qt, SQLite) so it’s very snappy. If anything, QtWebEngine makes qutebrowser more speedy than other WebKit2GTK-based browsers

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        Maybe I’ll give it another shot! Last I used it was several years ago, so it’s possible the issues have been fixed since.

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          The bigger problem you may encounter is the lack of hardware accelerated video decoding, though I think there are workarounds. More is to be found in this issue and here. Not too much of a problem for me to be honest, it may eat your laptop battery though

          I find learning the keybindings has sped up stuff a lot for me though, plus more control over tabs. There’s :tab-only which deletes all other tabs than the one focused, tab pinning, undoing closing tabs (more transparently than in other browsers) and a tab fuzzy finder that I have just discovered ;).