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It appears that they are releasing a lot of source code along with this! https://source.puri.sm/liberty


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    I don’t trust any of Purism’s products since my laptop screen shattered and they weren’t able to replace it. That’s a pretty basic support request IMO - “please provide a new part for a laptop model which you are also currently selling (i.e. is current-generation)”. This was particularly frustrating because while I (an existing customer) was trying to get my existing product repaired, they were writing all about how they were progressing on their project to make a phone. Even though organizations way larger than them (specifically, Mozilla and Canonical) tried to take on iOS and Android and failed. I mean, come on. Focus on the customers you already have instead of pouring all your resources into a moonshot project.

    And now they’re launching a suite of webapps? How are they going to maintain everything with their resources? Do they just have way more money than I think they do, that is, enough money to hire a couple full-time ops people? My experience with operations is admittedly largely limited to the self-hosting I do at home, but if you’re going to manage a service this ambitious and charge money for it, I’m pretty sure you’ll need at least a couple ops people in order to make it acceptably reliable. Without a solid investment the service will work fine until it doesn’t, and then it will really not work fine and there will be extended outages or, worse, user data loss. (If someone with experience will more large-scale ops than me wants to correct me then please go ahead; I could certainly be wrong.)

    Don’t get me wrong, I think their hearts are in the right place and I’d be thrilled if they succeed (not just with Librem One, but with all their products and as a company as a whole). Butt I’m having a very very hard time believing that will happen.

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      I don’t trust any of Purism’s products since my laptop screen shattered and they weren’t able to replace it. That’s a pretty basic support request IMO - “please provide a new part for a laptop model which you are also currently selling (i.e. is current-generation)”.

      Asking as a thought experiment, not to excuse Purism’s apparently crappy customer service:

      Since the hardware is open-source, would it be possible to replace it yourself?

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        This is one reason why I don’t like it when hardware is called “open source”. What does that mean, exactly? Did it come with schematics, circuit diagrams, and a set of tools like replacement chipsets and soldering irons? Is there a file you can 3d print to create more of it? Can you redistribute this to everyone and try to make your own LibreM laptop business, even competing with LibreM themselves?

        “Open source” is really about software because software has source code, is infinitely copyable, and easily modifiable. Hardware has none of those things unless you want to say documentation is the hardware’s source code.

        While I understand that hardware can come with a range of legal restrictions and permissions, I think we should be calling it something else other than “open source” if there isn’t even any source code to speak of.

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          Open source PCBs can be repurchased years later if its source is available. Price can be reduced by group-buying them with other people who also need it, or you could keep stock of all the open-source PCBs available on a market and open your own web store.

          If the case designs are open source, you can 3d-print them pretty easily now, see thingiverse.

          Hopefully the proprietary hardware bits, like the CPU and display screen, are used in enough other devices that they will be available for years.

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          I asked, and customer support provided a link to a screen they thought possibly might be compatible, but they didn’t know. The link was for me to buy directly from the original manufacturer.

          Also, Purism hardware isn’t actually open hardware - or at least it wasn’t when I owned that laptop. It works well with Linux and they put in a lot of effort to free the firmware, which is super nice and why I bought from them in the first place. But the hardware itself isn’t open.

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            That is depressing customer service. Makes me think a lot harder about getting the Purism 5.

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        Their Mastodon instance is apparently pretty shady: they opted to remove all abuse reporting functionality, so the bsd.network Mastodon instance blocked them.

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          They’re pretty widely blocked. They grudgingly restored reporting, but they have indicated that they will specifically allow hate speech on the platform as long as it isn’t harassment targeted at an individual or illegal in the US.

          There’s a well-known process where if you allow unlimited freedom of speech on your platform, it attracts bad actors like racists and misogynists who want to be able to take advantage of that freedom. If this were as far as it went, that wouldn’t be so bad. But the presence of the bad actors drives away everyone else, so your platform becomes dedicated to hosting bad actors, and no one else has any reason to use or listen to your platform.

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            I don’t understand why the pro-hate-speech crowd is so “oh, well, hate speech is so hard to define that we have to allow everything”.

            Why are they unable to tell good apart from bad? It’s not so hard to define:

            Hate speech is a statement intended to demean and brutalize another, or the use of cruel and derogatory language or gestures on the basis of real or alleged membership in a social group. Hate speech is speech that attacks a person or a group on the basis of protected attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

            There’s no benefit to hosting hate speech, to let it boost towards other instances, or to calmly and rationally try to debate the people who are espousing it. There’s a difference between having an opinion we might disagree with but seeing how other people might see merit in it and therefore the idea should be allowed on our servers, as opposed to accusations, fear-mongering, and threats that cannot possibly have any merit from any point of view and can only cause strife.

            Don’t be so wishy-washy, pro-hate-speechers! Just take a stance and take the right one! Get rid of hate speech!

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              Apart from the ethical concerns, allowing hate speech is bad marketing.

              I was more-or-less neutral on Purism as a company/project/concept before, but if what I hear is true, they have lost me as a customer.

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                I don’t support hate speech; I support free speech.

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                  That’s great, then get rid of hate speech whenever you see it, since you can easily recognise it as something different than free speech.

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                  Your definition of hate speech, at my first few reasons, includes jokes, like “A priest, imam, and Rabbi walk into a bar”. They may not be clever, but are they really enough reason to ban someone?

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                    So your objection is that those jokes typically aren’t hateful, right? I agree, that’s an important distinction to make. Luckily, we can add that as a required element. Here is the Maltese criminal code, which does so quite neatly. Non-hateful priest-imam-rabbi jokes are safe; hateful ones still get the chop.

                    82A. (1) Whosoever uses any threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or displays any written or printed material which is threatening, abusive or insulting, or otherwise conducts himself in such a manner, with intent thereby to stir up violence or racial or religious hatred against another person or group on the grounds of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, colour, language, ethnic origin, religion or belief or political or other opinion or whereby such violence or racial or religious hatred is likely, having regard to all the circumstances, to be stirred up shall, on conviction, be liable to imprisonment for a term from six to eighteen months.

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                      And if a terrorist tells a joke featuring a liberal, it probably has different intentions than a liberal telling the same joke. I’d rather not criminalize words based on who says them.

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                      Are you intending to demean and brutalise Christians, Muslim, and Jews with your joke and attack them based on their membership in a group? Religious humour is well-known. The Jews themselves are quite famous for cracking lots of jokes about themselves.

                      Otherwise, the slope isn’t that slippery; the definitions are not that ambiguous; good and bad are not that hard to define. You don’t have to be a pro-hate-speecher!

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                  they’ve since put the reporting feature back in, but many instances still have them blocked due to their attitudes toward moderation and hate speech

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                  The new reality is that now my phone has a Chat folder with 6+ chat programs for people who are unwilling to move away from what they are using currently.

                  Even though I like the idea of a secure chat and willing to pay for a decent service, if I can’t convince folks to move to one free chat service, I don’t think I could convince them to move to one where you have to pay.

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                    I like the initiative and would pay for something like this, but to my mind a privacy-focused project like this must operate in an OSS model. Not because I’m particularly interested in self-hosting or even looking at the code, but because open source is the only sustainable way of keeping software secure. (At least unless you’re an extremely well-funded government org, but even then it’s doubtful…)

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                      All of their services and apps are forks of Free Software servers and apps. I couldn’t find links to software repositories on the librem.one page, but I’m sure I’ve previously seen the source of their Mastodon fork.

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                        Source is available here.