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Hey folks,

If you can read this, you’re on the new server. You’ll have to log in again - we didn’t carry over the secret token for cookies. (Just good practice to rotate security keys during a migration.)

It looks like everything’s good, but if you see anything wrong please leave a comment on this thread.

Thanks to @alynpost for donating the hosting and the ansible configuration.

And, most of all, thanks to @jcs for creating such a wonderful community.

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      It’s been a pleasure orchestrating this hand-off with both of you, @pushcx and @jcs.

      If any of your experience performance degradation or see any error messages please feel free to reach out. I expect we’ll do some performance tuning as we subject the server to it’s normal load. For reporting slowness, I would also be helped to see a traceroute from your location.

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        Congratulations on a smooth migration!

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        Thanks for your work. Did the favicon go missing?

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          They did, yes. Some quirk of the deployment is copying the files into a nested subdir. I’ve manually fixed them for now and we’ll keep debugging.

          EDIT: This is fixed now.

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          I can access favicon.ico. Does that link work for you?

          EDIT: I was seeing a cached entry.

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      I haven’t posted in a while, but just wanted to chime in and congratulate the moderators on a successful migration. As someone sitting on the sidelines, I found the entire process transparent and incredibly well executed. Kudos to everyone involved.

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      I, for one, welcome our new overlords.

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      Yay! I didn’t notice a thing (apart from being logged out)

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      Cheers \o/

      What are the specs of the new server?

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        I’ve allocated 2 VCPUs, 4GiB RAM and 48GiB disk to the server. It’s using about half that RAM and 10% of the disk.

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      Great work and thanks to @jcs for starting all this!

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      Thank you @pushcx, @alynpost and @jcs. Great work.

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      +1. The change was unnoticeable :)

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      Smooth as butter. Great job!

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      Did we lose the HSTS headers in the transition? I think lobste.rs is in the preload list, but as far as I know, the headers should still be supplied.

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        Yes, thank you for catching this. I’ve added this to our migration checklist for cleanup.

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          I don’t recall if lobsters used to have a Content-Security-Policy set, but might be worth looking into as well.

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      Awesome! Thanks to everyone who took on this work. And yes, thank you @jcs for building this community over the years.

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      Im glad you made it - works like a charm! I hope you will still be around, @jcs

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      The website feels snappier

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      Congrats and thank you. Well done!

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      Wow, impressive! Thanks for all the hard work that led to this flawless migration!

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      Worked until the read-only part which was brief. Great job on the migration! Appreciate everyone who helped make it happen. :)

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      Great work!

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      What an amazing community this is! Congratulation guys, this transition was seamless.

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      Works great. Thanks to everyone involved putting in the effort.

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      Smoothly done!

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      Love how this community organizes itself!

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      that was about as smooth a transition as I have ever been part of - congrats to the whole team!

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      Wow, that was smooth. Thanks!

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      Congrats guys. Nice and easy transitions are the best!

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      Going to “Your Threads” seems slower now, probably database limited but I don’t know.

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      That went smooth! Thank you all!

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      Great job. Thank you for keeping this alive.

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      Wow, this was smooth! Congratulations to everyone involved!

      Just out of my curiosity, the site was running on OpenBSD before?