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The alternative, right now, is the compilers tag, which seems wrong when submitting a post about something very theoretical about types, especially as opposed to a post about optimizing code generation, or tree shaking.


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    compsci would be appropriate. If there’s a significant number of people reading about compsci who don’t want to read about plt or vice-versa, speak now or forever hold your whitepapers.

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      I’d like to see compsci used for something that is theoretically focused but used in conjunction with a “modifier”, like ai, or networking, or plt, or algorithms. But maybe I just think of tags differently than others…

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        I, too, would love me a plt tag. It would nicely complement formalmethods.

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          What this tells me is I need to find and post more compsci articles that aren’t also about plt.

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            Yes please.

            (I’m a computer scientist by day)

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              I’d love a specific PLT tag.

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                For clarity, do you mean reply to this post to say ‘yes please’ (in which case: ‘yes please’), or do you mean reply and/or upvote the OP?

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                  Anything, really.

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                  There have been a couple people people asking for this - if you see this, could you expand on why you want a tag that’s specifically separate from compsci?

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                    Here are some highly-rated Lobsters posts about compsci but not plt:

                    Here are some highly rated posts where plt may be a good fit:

                    The way I see it, practices, programming, and compsci are very broad catch-alls for cases where we don’t have enough density to make a dedicated subtopic. python, networking, and ai are all subtopics of programming. compilers and formalmethods are subtopics of compsci. I think there’s probably more people interested in PLT than Formal Methods here, so plt would be a useful subtopic.

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                      I’ve added a plt tag with the description “Programming language theory, types, design”.

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                  I was actually looking for such a tag recently, and ended up using the compilers tag, but found that not everything I was interested in was under that tag (some was under programming, some under compsci. A dedicated tag for programming language theory would have been nice.

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                    plt feels pretty obscure as an abbreviation. I don’t have a convincing longer suggestion, but maybe langtheory or languagetheory?

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                      ‘plt’ pretty much is the standard abbreviation though. In the ‘submit’ and ‘filter’ sections and in tag tooltips we can have it spelled out that this is for ‘programming language theory’.