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      I have been using IRC via Matrix.org and element.io client. Works well.



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        One thing I always wondered: when logging in through nickserv, does Element/Matrix store your IRC credentials in plain text?

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          I can’t see how they would avoid this.

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      I use glowing-bear. Two negatives: It has a bit of lag when you switch between channels and the channel list disappears when you make the window small. Other than that it seems good. I wonder if thelounge has any lag.

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      I’ve been using thelounge for a bit now and have no complaints. Tons of themes to make it look better, runs super lightly, and the UI is repsonsive so a bookmarked PWA on mobile works great etc.

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      Wow, a couple of months ago I was looking for exactly this and could not find anything. Now reading through comments I find 3 diffferent ones If anyone knows of any other web-based irc clients/gateways please reply to this comment. Thanks!

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      I looked at IRC web clients last week, and found that Dispatch is the one I like the most.

      I looked at The Lounge as well, but aside from being a bit operationally harder (NodeJS vs statically compiled Go binary) the web UI scrolling is also really slow for me in Firefox.

      The only downside of Dispatch that the conversation view looks too “noisy” for me; and the React frontend lays everything out as position: absolute, so it’s pretty hard to modify this :-/ So I stopped using that too and discovered that even all web UI IRC clients suck too.

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        I had missed dispatch when I setup my current IRC client (convos). Tempting…

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        I am using it via envs.net (tilde universe) comminity and very satisfied.