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      It is possible, however, to craft a malicious grapheme cluster spanning kilobytes… What to do about that? Well, if we assume that all grapheme clusters that are too big are malicious, then there is no harm in splitting them wherever we want. The chunked messages will contain gibberish in the place where the original grapheme cluster was, but at least we can reliably deliver the rest of the message. If you have a better idea, let me know!

      Probably safe to say that a kilobytes-long grapheme cluster is gibberish to begin with! Though that lead me to this tool: https://glitchtextgenerator.com/ which lets you specify a “size” for the zalgo text to generate, though from playing around it appears to cap out at 4 kb per “character” (grapheme cluster). Either that or my clipboard does… either way, Firefox on my desktop seems to tolerate 30-40 4-kb grapheme clusters before getting noticably laggy. Much better than I expected!