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    Please don’t post more links to this site Calvin, it’s either a troll, or an incompetent person. Their understanding of TLS:

    The client connects to the certificate authority and says “Yo! I got this server information. Is it valid and authentic?”

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      I’ve never considered non-secret Telegram chats as secure. Like a comment on the page suggests, I’d like to see network traces from the context of a secret chat.

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        This is interesting and well worth mentioning.

        That said: Signal has had at least one (but I think more nasty flaws) over the years and WhatsApp is constantly uploading all your data to Google Cloud in the form of unencrypted backups.

        Signal is good as far as I can see but I have a hard time taking anyone seriously who actually uncritically recommends WhatsApp while telling me how bad Telegram is.

        Finally: I’m still no Telegram fanboy and I am in the market for what I think WhatsApp was/should have become;

        • low yearly fee like before
        • API access (didn’t exist back then)
        • same encryption as today (it was bad back then)
        • bots and a few other improvements from Telegram
        • actually I realize I don’t care extremely much about bulletproof crypto (I have Signal and can use it of I need to).

        I’ll happily pay again like I did for WhatsApp as llng as there’s some kind of legal guarantee that prevents “the next WhatsApp” from selling out.

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          they can just block access to; this will completely cut off connectivity to Telegram. But second, they can use a stateful packet inspector. If they see any traffic on 443/tcp where the first data packet lacks the TLS header, then they know it’s a trojan protocol and they can kill the connection (e.g., TCP RST or silently drop)

          Can someone please explain why so many attempts of thr russian government to block telegram failed?