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    Beautiful work. Do I understand correctly that this is pure Go? This BT client would have pretty good safety properties correct? Would it also work with WebTorrent?

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      Pure Go! And we do our best to ensure its security.

      We use anacrolix/torrent under the hood, which has support for WebTorrent.

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      This is pretty neat. What I often want is the opposite of the “mini” mode here: give a command some data and it seeds the relevant torrent without worrying about downloads or ratios: just give the data out as fast as you can to whoever wants it.

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        Interesting – if I understand correctly, the idea is that you would pass the location of the data on disk and the infohash to the client and it would proceed to just seed the torrent?

        I would note that if the intention is for direct file-sharing, there are probably better alternatives (like Magic Wormhole).

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          Yes, that’s the idea. There are two reasons for this:

          1. To ensure the health of less popular torrents I care about or publish
          2. To saturate internet upstream already being paid for with data that helps torrents I care about rather than leaving it idle
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            In the past I’ve done this by running aria2c in a systemd service unit.

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        Looks nice. Giving it a try right now.

        I was using aria2c because I couldn’t find a TUI client that I liked, maybe this will be it. :)

        Thanks for creating and sharing it.